Out of the Box Date Ideas!

Ditch the old-fashioned movie dates and romantic dinner night! Here are a few things you can do the next time you plan a date.

1. Firefly Watching

out of the box date ideas(Photo: Bianca Vierra, Earth.com)

Imagine being surrounded by thousands of blinking lights, and the air filled with the sound of cicadas in complete darkness as you are cozied-up next to your partner on a little boat drifting through the swamp. Isn’t that romantic? It’s like star gazing but even better! Just make sure you have your life jacket on in case you try to catch one of the fireflies and fall in the water. Kampung Kuantan Fireflies is a great place to visit for this experience.

2. Kayaking

out of the box date ideas(Photo: Julian Apse on Tourism NZ)

From picking out your kayak to deciding which direction to paddle towards, this is a perfect opportunity to test each other’s patience and teamwork. It takes two hands to clap at the end of the day. Take the chance to be connected with nature as well. Nothing is more relaxing than listening to the calm waters drifting or watching the beautiful sunset. We suggest booking yourself a session at Putrajaya Wetlands Park.

3. Dine in the Dark

out of the box date ideas(Photo: Nox - Dine in the Dark)

Have you ever tried looking for something in the dark? Tricky, isn’t it? How about taking your better half on a date for a dine in the dark experience? Think of it as a romantic dinner date out at a fancy restaurant, except you eat in complete darkness this time! Take your usual dinner date to the next level with this immersive experience that will heighten your senses and make for a memorable dining experience. Make your reservations at Dining in the Dark here. 4. An Outdoor Picnic

out of the box date ideas(Photo: sharonsantoni.com)

Whip up a nice Sunday brunch for a picnic at a park away from all the hustle and bustle in the city or at a restaurant. This way, not only can you fully enjoy each other's company, but the both of you can also have a better conversation away from noisy distractions. Nothing beats having someone prepare a meal for you and this romantic plan will be sure to score you extra brownie points. The Perdana Botanical Garden is a great spot for a picnic, if you are up for it.

What are your favourite out-of-the-box date ideas? 

By: Raylene Chin