No Gatherings This CNY? No Problem!

Chinese New Year is undeniably one of the largest celebrations in multicultural Malaysia, with plenty of laughter and family chatter to be had all throughout its 15-day course. 

This year, things are a bit different as Malaysia stays home due to the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO). 

no gatherings this cny? no problem!Photo via Rolling Stone

Unexcluded, the everyday people behind TikTok have been doing what they can to bring prosperity and joy to everyone, and the result is a chance for users to take on the #MoneyMoneyHome challenge and share their favorite munchies with #ChineseFood this Year of the Ox!

The tale of the Ox as some may know, was the second animal to finish the Great Race after aiding the Rat, making it a symbol of great strength and auspiciousness. 

#MoneyMoneyHome is an interactive mini-game sticker for TikTok users to play and win big! But, it’s not all magic and luck though... see what whacky strategies these creators have tried out! 



♬ 满力满利Home 15sec version - Various Artist

Slow and Steady

Sometimes, well-timed jumps could be the key to securing gold coins, just like how this creator did when he took on the challenge. Key takeaway from this strategy? Hesitation is defeat! 


一起来challenge眨眼睛!🤣#moneymoneyhome #罗忆诗 #cny2021

♬ 满力满利Home 15sec version - Various Artist

The Machine Gun

This creator relied on rapid-fire blinks to grab her gold and seal the bag, prompting Money to jump the second after landing. Ingenious for sure and a strategy worth trying for your own!


看看眉毛可以多有力,多有戏🤣#moneymoneyhome #满利满力home #cny2021 @8tvchinesebdkj @onefm881 @

♬ original sound - Orange Tan Hui Tien

The Ultra-Zoom

This creator brought the camera closer to her face in an attempt to lessen how high Money needed to jump, creating a strong and creative solution. What will your strategy be when it’s your turn to take on the #MoneyMoneyHome challenge?

no gatherings this cny? no problem!

After a fun day of chasing gold, users can then unwind by sharing the nostalgic taste of Chinese New Year through a language understood by all Malaysians— delicious food! For all the foodies out there, TikTok is also introducing #ChineseFood from 7 February to the end of Chinese New Year where users can share all their favourite dishes with the community. 

Show off your dinner table delights or get in the kitchen and recreate traditional recipes yourself!

TikTok’s exciting Chinese New Year campaign aims to inspire creativity and leave a smile on everyone’s face.

Get your friends and family online this festive season and let’s keep our social distance in tip-top shape by celebrating at home. After all, Chinese New Year just won’t be the same without sharing the bond between us, our families, and the millions more who are celebrating this auspicious time together.

So, what are you waiting for? Download or open the TikTok app now to learn more about #MoneyMoneyHome and #ChineseFood today!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat