New Features On Waze Will Make Your Driving Experience Better And Safer!

Every month, more than 140 million Wazers all over the world contribute to the community by driving over 36 billion kilometers! Wow!

new features on waze will make your driving experience better and safer!Photo via Life Hacker

...and while traffic may not be at regular levels yet (due to COVID-19), Waze still wants to be ready to assist drivers when they eventually get back on the road, and Waze’s new feature will anticipate and respond to users’ specific needs, enabling them to go on safer, less-stressful trips!

At Home: Planning Trips with Ease 

Before hitting the road, Wazers will be able to know what to expect and adjust plans accordingly, and this is made possible as Waze will connect drivers’ needs and preferences with useful information shared by the Waze community.  

So, if you have a job interview the next day, don’t worry about being stuck in traffic, you can easily plan your drive with Waze! 

When have planned drives saved your 🍑?

Posted by Waze on Monday, September 28, 2020

Feature #1: Trip Suggestions 

This cool feature provides a visual overview of everything a driver needs to know minutes or hours before leaving, such as the time the trip will take and the traffic along the way. 

Based on trips taken in the past or recently driven to, Waze will also show personalized recommendations for drivers. This new feature will help drivers anticipate what is happening on the roads, adjust plans when there is still time to make changes, and where possible, get a little time back. 

Feature #2: Recent Locations

Recent Locations show drivers the destinations they recently drove to, which are conveniently displayed “front and center” when drivers open the Waze app, and with just one tap, drivers can start navigating anywhere!

Feature #3: Live Map Save to App

Waze users can view their upcoming journey each month on the Live Map using its real-time data, and will now be able to save their itinerary directly to their Waze app on their Android or iOS device with a single click. This provides a more seamless experience across platforms and simplifies the process of planning a drive-by. 

Or finding the best route and time to leave, before even getting into the car...

On The Go: Rely on Waze on every trip

new features on waze will make your driving experience better and safer!Photo via Daily Mail

Drivers can also take advantage of Waze’s real-time hyperlocal expertise to inform how they drive, navigate and experience the roads.

Feature #1: Quick Search

Location badges now appear under the search bar to help surface locations offering drive-through or curbside pickup even faster. In addition to finding the nearest gas station or parking lot along your route, drivers can now search other locations that reinforce social distancing too, to help support local businesses! 

Feature #2: Lane Guidance

Lane Guidance tells drivers which lane to be in when merging or exiting a stretch of freeway or highway. Fewer mistakes means less stress, and safer driving - plus, the added bonus of drivers keeping their original arrival time.

Feature #3: ETA Improvements

With more people working from home, Waze has had to keep up with drivers’ ever-changing routines, while also supporting essential workers who have been dedicated to keeping essential locations open and functioning. 

ETA calculations in areas where there are fewer drivers have been improved, which has been especially important in 2020 as it has been harder than ever to predict the changing flow of traffic patterns.

Feature #4: Batman Theme

For some added fun, drivers can activate the Batman experience on Waze and choose the

side of DC Super Hero or Super-Villain by selecting the iconic voice of Batman (Kevin Conroy) or The Riddler (Wally Wingert) to guide them on their own adventures. This feature is available globally in English, Spanish and Portuguese until 31 October this year. So why not give it a go! 

Right now on Waze you can drive with Batman’s Batmobile, or The Riddler’s racer. Update your Waze app to try the new 3D Vehicles.

Posted by Waze on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Safe driving, ya’alls! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat