Nearly 70% Of Travellers Are Eager To Fly Internationally Within The Next 6 Months!

The world’s leading provider of travel data and insight released a new report recently on traveler confidence based on a global survey of over 4,000 users of its travel app, flightview. 

We’d expect that more people would be afraid to fly due to concerns of catching the virus on flights, but apparently we’re wrong!

nearly 70% of travellers are eager to fly internationally within the next 6 months!Photo via MarketWatch

According to the research, most consumers are actually open to air travel. 

Some of the key findings include:

  1. 69% intend to fly internationally within the next six months while 79% have plans for domestic air travel.

  2. The eagerness to travel is more apparent among Millennials and Gen-Z. Both generations are less apt to make travel adjustments and more eager to travel domestically compared to their worldwide counterparts.

  3. Nearly one-third have not, and do not intend to change their travel habits.

  4. 76% of travellers agreed mask mandates are the most effective safety measure airlines and airports can implement, followed by improved cleaning procedures

Chief Analyst at OAG, John Grant said: “Most consumers, especially younger travelers, are prepared to fly under the right circumstances. The lack of fear is certainly surprising and bodes well for the market recovery. Of course, full recovery will be driven by how well we fight the pandemic globally and when travel restrictions are safety lifted.”

On a 10-point scale, more than half of consumers rate concerns over catching COVID-19 while traveling, while 21% indicating no fear. 

nearly 70% of travellers are eager to fly internationally within the next 6 months!Photo via Travel + Leisure

Still, OAG found that sharing real-time information remains critical for building traveler confidence, even before the airport. For example, during the search and booking process, most consumers value real-time updates and predictions around flight and hotel capacity (61%), and COVID-19 transmission rates at intended destinations (53%).

If you plan on travelling, don’t forget to follow the SOPs! Wear a face mask, maintain physical distancing and wash your hands regularly. Stay safe! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat