Mystery Solved? Here’s Why You See Your Cat Eating Grass Sometimes

There’s a myth in the pet care community that the reason cats eat grass is to induce vomiting when they have an upset stomach. But is it true though?

According to Dr. Emily Payne from Greencross Vets Hyde park, this may not necessarily be true when it comes to your cat. 

mystery solved? here’s why you see your cat eating grass sometimesPhoto via Wag!

“It would be concerning that your cat was vomiting every time it ate grass. If it’s once a week or more frequently, then it should be checked by your vet. If your cat eats grass and doesn’t vomit, then it isn’t an issue,” she said.

Here’s why sometimes cats graze on grass!

#1 Your cat could be seeking health benefits

They might be boosting their vitamin levels! Grass contains a nutrient called folic acid, which helps move oxygen through the bloodstream. 

Some experts theorise that eating grass may also help ease sore throats, while others believe cats do it simply because they enjoy the taste and texture. 

#2 To quicken its bowel movements

Your cat has predatory instincts and, as a result, it hunts small animals such as mice and birds. These animals have little bones, fur and feathers, not all of which can pass through a cat’s digestive tract with ease. 

For this reason, cats may use grass as a laxative to help with digestion. 

#3 To induce vomiting

As cats lack the enzymes to break down too much grass, they may eat it to induce vomiting and clear out indigestible material (such as fur and feathers) from their stomachs. 

How to help?

Well, Dr Payne recommends providing your cat with appropriate greenery to eat such as cat grass or catnip so it won’t graze on anything that may have been sprayed with chemicals or fertilizers.

mystery solved? here’s why you see your cat eating grass sometimes

If your cat eats grass outside of your home, be careful to make sure the grass hasn’t been treated with anything!

However, if you have concerns about your cat eating grass, or its diet in general, call up your veterinarian for advice. Hope this helps!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat