Medicos Debuts M99, New Range Of Protective Respirators That's Big On Safety & Style!

MEDICOS officially debuts the premium M99 respirator range. Hot off the press, M99 respirator comes in three different types, namely PRO, NEO and FLIP.

The M99 range is created with superior 5 layers of protection and equipped with HydroChargeTM technology, the most advanced filtration technology by MEDICOS to date. It is designed with its safety performance tested and validated by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Malaysia, which is aligned with MEDICOS’ brand DNA to help millions live and work safer.


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Together with NIOSH, MEDICOS M99 has undergone intensive respirator class laboratory testing requirements, such as NaCl and Paraffin Oil penetration tests at the flow rate of 95 litres per minute. MEDICOS M99 achieved 99% filtration efficiency in both tests, proving its effectiveness against airborne particles such as SARS-CoV-2 viruses.

William Wong, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MEDICOS said, As the world continues to evolve in the face of a new normal, so is MEDICOS. It has been long withstanding in our mission, that safety is paramount and we strive to develop the safest personal protective equipment in the market, which is why MEDICOS will continue to demonstrate a higher standard in developing quality masks.” 

Each respirator from the M99 range comes with its own unique distinctive features to suit the individual needs of Malaysians. The M99 PRO is the only respirator range that comes with adjustable ear loops, creating a tailor-made fit and ensures secure protection for different shapes and sizes of faces. It is available in five colours - Black, White, Cool Grey, Midnight Blue, and Dusty Rose.

Meanwhile, the M99 NEO comes with ultra-soft ear loops, making it comfortable for long hours of wear. Malaysians can choose from seven colour options – Black, White, Hazel Brown, Olive Green, Caribbean Teal, Wanderlust Green and Lavender Purple.


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Separately, in a true play of style and protection combined, the M99 FLIP, is an homage to Malaysians’ love to accessorise. M99 FLIP’s sleek design with precise angles on the facial feature lines give fit and structure, a true definition of a stylish flip from the regular mask and respirator. M99 FLIP comes in four bold colours - Black, Sand Grey, Mocha Brown and Fiery Berry.


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There's still a long way to go before we are completely free from the COVID-19 virus. Remember to take care of yourself and the people around you by maintaining physical distancing and wearing a face mask when you're out in public!

Take care, guys!