Malaysians Seek Shopping Deals More Than Other Countries Globally!

Snap Inc. released its findings on the shopping preferences of Snapchatters around the globe during the holiday season.

The survey covered more than 6,900 respondents across 17 countries, including Malaysia.

malaysians seek shopping deals more than other countries globally!

The findings revealed that 72% Malaysians prefer online shopping to physical stores, second highest after Indonesia, while 31% respondents said that sales and deals get them to shop more during the holidays. 

Deals remain a constant this year

As the holiday season approaches, so do the deals that help shoppers save on gifts for their loved ones and their own shopping needs. 

On average, a quarter of Snapchatters across the globe like to shop when there are sales or deals, mostly notably in Malaysia (31%) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (26%).

There is also strong global interest in supporting smaller or local brands over larger, national brands, particularly among Snapchatters in the United States, Australia, Norway, India and Malaysia. 

No surprise, mobile purchases are on the rise!

Pandemic precautions have already caused users to adjust to their shopping behaviours and habits.

malaysians seek shopping deals more than other countries globally!Photo via Fashion Network 

One-third of Snapchatters globally report that they are making more purchases on their phones than they previously had, led by 52% in the UK, 50% in Indonesia, 48% in the Netherlands, while Malaysia comes in close at 42%.

Buying online is the preference in a majority of countries, especially in markets like Malaysia (72%), the UK (71%) and in the Netherlands (69%), and contactless pick-up and delivery has appealed to those in the Netherlands (44%), the UK (37%) and Malaysia (35%).

Snapchatters globally have a number of favourite large retailers they like to buy from, including Nike, Amazon, Adidas and Zara. 

Input from friends is as important as ever

The holiday shopping experience is inherently social for many Snapchatters.

malaysians seek shopping deals more than other countries globally!Photo via Digital Trends

They often get their friends’ opinions before they buy things, and 36% of Malaysians say that their friends rely on them when deciding what to buy or use. 

In this digital age, recommendations are becoming easier to come by. People are using Snapchat as a platform to consult friends and family throughout their buying journey -  from sending Snaps while they browse, to sending Snaps to friends to gauge their opinions, to sending Snaps about the products they are considering to purchase. 

Surefire ways to share holiday cheer

This year’s holiday season may look different than years past, but Snapchatters around the globe are ready to take advantage of special shopping events to score deals for family and friends.

Mobile shopping and contactless pickup offer safe, socially-distanced workarounds for holiday shopping already in effect by many Snapchat users around the globe, and while many are currently unable to see their friends in person, Snapchatters are still reaching out to friends for advice on what to buy or use. 

Well, it’s safe to say that 2020 is the holiday season no one asked for, but Snapchatters around the globe are primed to shop, celebrate and connect with loved ones nonetheless. 

So, have you started your Christmas shopping, yet?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat