Malaysia Is the 14th Most Instagrammable Place In The World For 2020

Want to capture that perfect Instagram picture? Look no further than your own backyard!

Malaysia was just named the 14th most instagrammable place in the world by Big 7 Travel, a travel channel with over 1.5 million audiences worldwide.

In their list of “50 Most instagrammable Places In The World 2020”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was chosen as the 14th place, with a few famous landmarks highlighted.

The Petronas Twin Towers would obviously make it on anyone’s Instagram when they visit Malaysia. Currently the tallest twin towers in the world, visitors can never get enough of the glistening silver towers during the day, and even at night.


📍PETRONAS TWIN TOWER-CHỤP Ở ĐÂU CHO ĐẸP?🌇 (English Below👇🏼) -------- Kinh nghiệm xương máu ngắm toà tháp đôi mà phải đến lần hai mới nhận ra nên chia sẻ cho các bạn khỏi lỡ làng như mình đây!😫 Lần đầu tiên như mọi tourist khác, hai đứa háo hức tìm bản đồ, đến ngay phía trước của tòa tháp. Góc chụp phía trước thì nổi tiếng nên cơ man khách du lịch, lại quá gần toà nhà khổng lồ nên tấm nào cũng lố nhố toàn người và không thể lấy hết được toàn cảnh toà tháp😭 Lần 2 trở lại có thời gian hơn, hai đứa lang thang tìm kiếm xung quanh và voilaaaaa 🥳tấm hình ưng ý ra đời. Petronas đẹp ơi là đẹp trong đêm, rực sáng huyền hoặc mê li luôn😍 Tips: Các bạn nếu đến ngay phía trước Petronas thì cố gắng đi xuyên qua mall Suria KL là ra đến công viên phía sau 2 toà tháp, nơi dân địa phương dạo chơi mỗi buổi chiều và rất ít du khách biết đến. Công viên rất rộng với hồ nước, cây xanh, thoải mái chụp hình, ngắm cảnh. Giờ lý tưởng nhất là khoảng 19:00 tối khi sunset vừa xuống, Petronas lên đèn là tuyệt vời ông mặt trời luôn! -------- Petronas Twin Tower from a different angle🌆 If you are like many other tourists, you probably would end up being dropped at the front of the famous Petronas Towers. Though beautiful, we thought that there were too many people and the photo angle looks too steep🤔 On our second trip to KL, we decided to look for another spot. Subsequently, we went straight through the back of Suria KL mall to the public park where there were much fewer tourists. We were so lucky to get this vibrant shot and totally love it! Tips: go to the public park behind Suria KL mall for this shot! #hueandsuninmalaysia

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Putrajaya is known as Malaysia’s metropolitan city, with its clean and neat structures and buildings. Other than being Malaysia’s administrative capital, it is also famously known for the mesmerizing above-water mosque, Putra Mosque, made from rose-colored granite with a pink dome.

If you’re looking for that candid, non-touristy picture for the ‘gram, the travel channel suggested Jalan Alor market for that compulsory food shots. Located in Bukit Bintang, this bustling food street is famous for vibrant food stands & restaurants serving mouth-watering street eats.


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A trip to Malaysia is not complete without visiting Batu Caves. With its newly painted rainbow stairs, the limestone hill consisting of caves used for temples and Hindu shrines, complete with the world's tallest gold statue of Lord Murugan, a Hindu deity, it's no wonder that Batu Caves is yet another instagrammable location in Malaysia that you would not want to miss!


🌏 @shewandersabroad is Not Lost 🌏 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia #sheisnotlost

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Other notable mentions in the list also include places in our neighboring countries such as the island city-state of Singapore, ranking 5th in the list, and Indonesia’s most popular honeymoon spot, Bali, bagging the 8th spot.

Surprisingly, as stated by the travel channel, Sydney ranks first as the most instagrammable place in the world for 2020 despite the horrifying bushfire crisis that hit Australia recently, as people are still keen to explore all that the down under has to offer.

Hong Kong (#2), Dubai (#3), New York (#4), Japan (#6), Portugal (#7), England (#9), India (10#), are also amongst the Top 10 destinations that visitors would definitely be instagramming.

What do you think of these places? Have you paid any of these spots a visit?

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya