Malaysia Is Among The Top Countries With High Sales Growth During 12.12!

12.12 is widely recognised as the second biggest year-end online sales day. Similar to 11.11, Malaysian shoppers shopped at Online Marketplaces like Shopee and Taobao the most. 

Interestingly, the Travel category experienced a spike following the announcement of the removal of the interstate travel restrictions on 5 December! 

malaysia is among the top countries with high sales growth during 12.12!Photo via The Conversation

ShopBack Malaysia studied the 12.12 (full day) data and found that: 

Malaysia is among the top countries in terms of sales growth on 12.12

  1. On 12.12, the peak visiting hour was between 12 am to 1 am, where it observed more than 30x increase in shopping traffic compared to an average day.

  2. Malaysians browsed products and compared prices for the best offers the most in the first two hours of 12.12. More than 1,000 orders were generated through ShopBack Malaysia in a single minute for their merchants at 2:00 am.

  3. ShopBack Malaysia recorded 5x uplift in orders and over 6.5x uplift in traffic on 12.12 compared to an average day. Other countries including Vietnam and The Philippines also achieved high sales growth.

  4. More than RM300,000 worth of cashback will be awarded to Malaysian shoppers for their 12.12 purchases. 

(*ShopBack data gathered from 9 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, Korea, and Vietnam)

Travel category spiked as inter-state travel ban lifted

malaysia is among the top countries with high sales growth during 12.12!Photo via The Star

  1. Interest in travel deals has been increasing since 5 December, after the announcement of the removal of inter-state restrictions. Compared to the day before the announcement (December 4th), ShopBack observed around 100% increase in the number of travel bookings and sales on 12.12.

Top cashback user shopped at ZALORA; Nestlé emerged as the most popular Shopee Official Store

  1. On average, Malaysian shoppers spent around RM200 with ShopBack’s partner merchants on 12.12.

  2. The top cashback user shopped the most on ZALORA, it is estimated that more than RM1,200 worth of cashback will be rewarded to shoppers upon merchant validation.

  3. Among the 50+ Shopee Official Stores that are directly offering cashback on ShopBack, shoppers placed most of their orders on Nestlé, P&G, and Unilever.

Currently, more than 3 million Malaysians are using ShopBack for their daily purchases. 

Wow, Malaysians do love their online shopping! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat