Make Walking Easier In The Klang Valley

make walking easierPhoto: Twitter (@chrischoongww)

How do you travel to your destination? Common answers would be by car or by public transport. If you were to say “walking”, there are many who would be surprised (most wonder how can someone be so rajin).

Recently, Twitter user Christopher Choong documented his experience of walking from work. He explained that he tries to do it regularly and has been walking from work to home once a week (he admitted that he tries to). The distance is about 10km, and the journey takes less than 2 hours - not very long, but still enough to draw gasps from us. 

Christopher estimated that about 70% of his route has sidewalks, making it quite friendly for pedestrians. At the same time, there were a number of hazards or obstructions that made the walk a little bit more difficult.

make walking easierPhoto: Twitter (@chrischoongww)

He shared photos of fallen plants, overgrown shrubs and low-hanging trees, things which caused him to have to move off the path and onto the road. Iron rods that jutted out on the sidewalk also posed a threat - imagine tripping on it at night. Along the way, he also encountered a pedestrian crossing with cars that simply wouldn’t stop to make way on a marked zebra crossing. Worst of all, there were also motorbikes parked alongside the road, broken sidewalks, drain covers, and holes in the ground, making it impossible for anyone to walk. 

make walking easierPhoto: Twitter (@chrischoongww)

This is, unfortunately, a very real issue we face. While many of us might not walk as far or as much as Christopher, it isn’t uncommon to come across these obstructions on a short walk. As a community, we can each do our part to help one another. Pointing out the issues to relevant authorities would be a good start, while the next step would be to practice more responsibility and watch where we park our vehicles.

How often have you encountered this?

By: Celestine Foo