Lines, Circles And Cats

lines, circles and cats

Art is what you make of it. This Twitter account posts cat drawings and is gaining fame for it. The drawings are cute and simple, and are just outlines of our favourite furry creatures. Composed of clean lines and simple lines, the artwork is juxtaposed beside the original photos that inspired them, often making for funny and heartwarming pictures. Cats are captured in candid poses, doing the ridiculous things that make them so lovable.

These pictures don’t look like they require much skill to draw, but the creativity is apparent. The artists draw circles and semi-circles in place of the cats’ bodies, while features are indicated with dots and lines. Sounds like something a 5 year old kid would draw because not many adults still retain their ability for this level of creativity!

The account now has 29.1k followers and counting, with plenty of heartwarming pictures posted daily. If you ever feel like you need to hit the pause button from mundane daily tasks, this just might give your eyes the much needed break you deserve!