A Canvas of Unlimited Imagination with Jotun's Global Colour Collection 2024

From our clothes to our homes, the colours that we surround ourselves with are a reflection of who we are and how we want to feel. Whenever we choose a colour, we are tapping into our inner creativity, turning our ideas and emotions into visual expressions – in effect, we are making art.

a canvas of unlimited imagination with  jotun's global colour collection 2024

This year, Jotun appeals to the artist in everyone with CANVAS – the brand’s new Global Colour Collection for 2024. Designed to provide inspiration and encouragement to anyone seeking to express themselves in their homes, the 2024 Colour Collection showcases 23 colours from Jotun’s collection that are available in the Majestic Sense paint line. The palette includes 10 brand new shades specially developed this year under the direction of Global Colour Manager, Lisbeth Larsen, and in close collaboration with Jotun’s colour technology lab.

Every year, Larsen and Jotun’s international research team of colour specialists take the temperature of societies around the world. Tapping into emerging trends and cultural currents, Jotun translates these into a colour palette perfectly in tune with modern living.

“When it comes to expressing ourselves, colour is the most powerful tool we have. Even if we don’t always realize it, all of us are brimming with ideas. Sometimes we just need to find the courage to express them. CANVAS is Jotun’s way of giving people that courage; of showing them that, deep down, everyone can be an artist.” Jotun’s Global Colour Manager, Lisbeth Larsen said.

A fresh palette for interior expression

a canvas of unlimited imagination with  jotun's global colour collection 2024

The Global Colour Collection showcases the 23 colours of CANVAS through beautifully styled set design by Oslo creative studio Kråkvik & D’Orazio. Each image portrays intriguing colour combinations and tonal juxtapositions that create interest and generate atmospheres of serenity, rusticity and reflection.

Responding to a growing global trend for calming, centering colours that help us relax, Jotun’s 2024 palette includes a spectrum of nature-inspired greens, as well as fresh blues and soft greys that evoke the meditative shades of sky and sea. Earthy browns and beiges cultivate a sense of groundedness, whereas yellows and golds underpin the ambience with an uplifting touch of joy.

The art and science of colour

a canvas of unlimited imagination with  jotun's global colour collection 2024

While encouraging homeowners to unleash their creativity and express themselves freely in their colour choices, Jotun’s 2024 Global Colour Collection also provides valuable guidance on effective colour combinations – brought vividly to life in its inspiring interior photography. Rooted in the concepts of colour theory, and the principles that have informed artists and interior designers for centuries, the collection offers an at-a-glance guide to harmonious colour families and complementary contrasts.

Each interior spread in the Global Colour Collection is accompanied by a handy colour-wheel graphic enabling readers to understand the colour combinations featured and the rationale behind the shades selected.

Choose adjacent colours to create unified interiors; pick opposites to inject excitement and interest into the space; or opt for colours of equal levels of intensity for a nuanced combination of different colours with similar levels of shade.

CANVAS was recently launched on Saturday and Sunday, 25th & 26th November 2023 with an on-ground event at The Godown Arts Centre, Kuala Lumpur, that showcases the new palette of Jotun’s Global Colour Collection 2024 which includes immersive art installations that invites visitors to experience different colour combinations from the palette. Visitors were welcome to play with swatch materials, mixing and matching colours however they wish, to create their own abstract artwork.

Perfect Beauty, Healthy Home

a canvas of unlimited imagination with  jotun's global colour collection 2024

Majestic Sense is a premium interior paint that delivers healthy and pleasant air to indoor living. Specially formulated with Clean Air Technology to purify indoor air quality, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with odourless comfort and a luxurious wall finish that’s also long-lasting.

Majestic Sense is proud to be a Sensitive Choice® partner. With 300 million people worldwide suffering from asthma and one in three of us, allergies, the Sensitive Choice® program was developed by the National Asthma Council Australia to help educate people about the importance of managing their asthma and allergies. Following a rigorous independent panel review process, the program approves products which are asthma and allergy aware. Distinguished by the Sensitive Choice® blue butterfly symbol, this helps asthma and allergy sufferers easily recognise products that benefit them.

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