Join The Allianz C.E.O. Programme And Become An A-List Insurance Agent In 24 Months!

join the allianz c.e.o.programme and become an a-list insurance agent in 24 months!

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The pandemic came as a surprise and affected everyone’s lives. Some of you might have lost your jobs, or maybe you’ve just graduated but are having trouble securing your first job. Perhaps you’re feeling stuck and searching for a new career path…. Fret not because here’s an answer for you…

… The Allianz C.E.O. (Career of Excellence and Opportunity) Programme!

Success requires three major conditions: a dream you’d like to achieve, guidance from a reliable mentor, and putting in the effort to learn and improve yourself to achieve that dream. Sounds complicated? Not at all if you join the Allianz C.E.O. Programme.

Go from “Learner” to “Leader”in just 24 months!

The Allianz C.E.O. Programme is a flagship program developed by Allianz that leverages a proven success formula. It’s not some ordinary sales course that requires you to pay fees, nor is it like any other insurance agent training programs. Instead, you could get up to RM12,000 in allowance per month during this 24-month high-intensity development programme.

In addition to being one of the world's largest life insurance companies, Allianz Life is also the fastest-growing life insurance company in Malaysia. To keep up the pace and continue to stay ahead of the game, agents are given access to advanced online systems and apps such as the Allianz Imagine App that enables them to finalise a sale in just 5 minutes.

Besides that, Allianz Life agents (known as Allianz Life Changers) are trained in exclusive and proven success techniques, such as the 583 method. The agents from Allianz are considered elites with twice the rate of productivity compared to others.

With the right company, systems, techniques and personalised coaching from industry insiders, your success is within arms’ reach!

Have a strong team to back you up!

You might wonder, “I’ve no working experience, insurance background and a wide network—even a good company can’t help me, lah.” Well, you’re wrong because the Allianz C.E.O programme is built specifically for those of you who lack these three things.

Your strongest backing is a good mentor and helpful friends. Allianz is a big family that believes leaders should share their knowledge and wisdom to advance their teams.

The instructors at the Allianz C.E.O. programme will tailor an exclusive learning model for you and share their practical experiences and wisdom throughout your journey.

Plus, you can brainstorm with your fellow A-Listers to exchange what you’ve learned too. With the right group of people, rest assured you will receive the encouragement and support you need to succeed!

Making the right choice is more important than putting in endless hard work

Putting in lots of effort is key to making sure things continue to happen… however, your efforts will be in vain if you don’t make the right choices too. Ultimately, you want to work smart. The choices you made yesterday has led you to where you are now, and the choices you make now will affect your tomorrow.

Step out of your comfort zone now and make a choice to try the Allianz C.E.O. Programme!

During the 24 months of training, you’ll get…

Earn from Day 1

You can receive up to RM12,000 per month throughout the programme! The amount you get is based on your capabilities and performance. When you recruit people to your team, you can get some extra monies too. 😉

Fast Track growth and success

The methods used have years of proven success. You’re definitely being taught quality skills.

Personal coaching and mentoring

Receive personalised coaching and guidance. This is not one of those huge 200 people seminars where you can’t even interact with the coaches.

Passion to purpose

The programme and coaches will help you discover and stir up your individual passion, and show you how to use it to fuel a purpose-driven career that makes a positive impact in the lives of others. It’s a personal journey for each and every participant.

join the allianz c.e.o.programme and become an a-list insurance agent in 24 months!

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The road ahead may seem like a tough climb up a steep and rocky mountain, but this is only the beginning of a brighter future.

Are you ready to take up this life-changing challenge? Make 2021 the year where you gain new skills and embark on your journey to success! For more details, head over to the Allianz C.E.O. Programme webpage.