How To Save A Life In Today’s Anxiety-Filled World

how to save a life in today’s anxiety-filled world

Suicide is one of the top 3 leading causes of death amongst those aged 15 - 44 globally.

Annually, more than 800,000 people commit suicide across the globe. 

September 10th marks World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), a day dedicated to raising suicide awareness globally, and that suicide is a tragedy that can be prevented.

The reoccuring theme for WSPD this year  is “Working Together to Prevent Suicide.”

The theme this year could not be more relevant as the COVID-19 pandemic has called for self-isolation, separating loved ones, and caused economic instability and uncertainty globally, all factors which may negatively impact one’s mental health.

The Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) revealed that in the span of six months from January to June 2020, a total of 465 suicide attempts have been reported to have received treatment in MOH hospitals.

For every loss of life due to suicide, there are 25 individuals who suffer from suicidal behaviour. 

Suicide is a topic which in the past was regarded as taboo, and it still holds true in 2020, but the MOH is currently working to end the stigma against suicide and mental health issues.

It took to Twitter to highlight steps that we can take to support suicide prevention, as members of our community.

The government is also putting in effort towards the decriminalization of suicide in Malaysia.

Malaysians recognise the need for mental health to be prioritised and appreciate the recent steps the government has taken to highlight the issue. 

If you need help or you know anyone who needs help, this is a very helpful Twitter thread on ways to seek mental health treatment and support.

Remember, you are loved and you are cared for. Take a moment today to express some love to those closest to your heart. 


by Catalina Hubbard