Hot Wheels Unveiled A 3rd Wave Of Their Japan Historics Line

hot wheels unveiled a 3rd wave of their japan historics line

It was a big weekend for Hot Wheels in Malaysia at the 8th Annual Art of Speed festival in Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS). Lead Designer of the Premium and Collector Segment, Steve Vandervate came down to Malaysia not only to unveil the new collectors’ line but to also meet and greet Malaysian fans and collectors alike.

hot wheels unveiled a 3rd wave of their japan historics line

It was a grand moment for Hot Wheels Malaysia as it was the very first time in South East Asia where the diecast pioneers unveiled its latest line of Japan Historics 3 at the event, with the theme “Legendary Japanese Cars”.

These legendary cars include a collection of Nissan Skyline KDR 30, Nissan Silvia CSP 311, 1968 Mazda Cosmo Sport, 85 Honda City Turbo II and 1975 Datsun Sunny Truck B120. This line is a re-introduction of Japanese muscle cars, showcasing that these beast machines from Japan could very well be on-par, if not better than, their American counterpart.

Car and diecast model enthusiasts were able to view, for the very first time, the life-sized model with the exact Hot Wheels design of both the Nissan Skyline KDR 30 and Honda City Turbo II, which were flown in from different countries.

The legendary Japan Historics 3 line is set to release next year, 2020.