Ho Ho Ho, What To Buy?

ho ho ho, what to buy?

Christmas is coming! Cue the mad rush to buy presents for friends and family - but what to buy?
That’s always a huge dilemma. Gift-giving is an art, and we know not everyone has the skill for it. 
Here, we have some suggestions to help you out!
1.   Reusable Coffee Cups/Tumblers 

ho ho ho, what to buy?

Here’s a two-in-one gift for those who love functionality and aesthetics. Not only will these cute tumblers help to cut back on waste, it has an actual use instead of being a mere decorative item! Coffee or boba tea, now you can just tapau and have your drink on the go in these pretty cups.
Our recommendation: 500ml 304 Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs W/ Metal Straw
2.      Board/Card Games

Games are always fun. Not just online games, but actual board and card games too! Gifts like these make for a pretty great way to bond, while making a whole lot of memorable moments for all to remember. 
Our recommendation: The Malaysian Dream Card Game by MGAG
3.      Aromatherapy Candles 

After all the stress going encountered throughout the year, some relaxation is definitely much needed. What better way to help with that then some aromatherapy candles? Not only does it make the room smell good, it helps promote better sleep. That will definitely get the recipients to thank you!
Our recommendation: YUBISO Scented Candle
4.      Eyeshadow Palettes 

Eyes are the windows to the soul, they say. That’s why plenty of women like highlighting their eyes! While makeup is something of a personal preference, a safe choice would be an eyeshadow pallet with an array of colours to choose from. A great way to spruce up that OOTD!
Our recommendation: NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette
5.      Wireless Earphones

Gotta get with the times - wires are out, wireless is in! We aren’t talking about airpods, but there are plenty of good alternatives out there. Not only will it make life so much easier, less tangles also mean less complications.
Our recommendation: Redmi Airdots TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Stereo BT 5.0 Earphones
6.      Burrito Baby Blanket

Babies are adorable, but it’s always fun to dress them up and amp up the “aw”s! A burrito blanket makes for a great choice, keeping the baby warm but also looking like a sweet little burrito - sah cute, we also geram!

Our recommendation: Burrito Baby Blanket + Matching Hat

7.      Food And Beverage Vouchers

Is food ever a bad idea? Definitely not. What about vouchers? Also no. Why not combine these two and gift your friends and family with some food/beverage vouchers, then? 

Our recommendation: Anything listed here, really.
8.      Pocket Multi-tool

You never know what you need until you start looking for it, be it something as small as tweezers or screwdrivers. That’s when a multitool pocket knife comes in handy! Practical and portable, we think this is one gift you can’t go wrong with.
Our recommendation: Victorinox Huntsman Multitool Pocket Knife
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By: Celestine Foo