Here’s How Pets Can Improve Your Mental Health While You WFH

Main image via Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials


Deep down, we all love our pets, despite their casual shenanigans. 

Mayo Clinic recently shared how our pets actually play a huge role in creating a healthy lifestyle for us. Studies have also shown that having a pet can bring down our blood pressure (although you may feel otherwise), relieve stress, improve mental and heart health and boost our overall happiness. 

here’s how pets can improve your mental health while you wfh Image via Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials


Here’s why. If you have a dog, you’d very well have been “trained” to be up early to bring them out for their regular walks. If that’s a habit, it’s already a form of physical exercise you do daily. 

Studies have found that just interacting with your dogs increases levels of “feel-good” brain chemicals, like oxytocin and dopamine. 

Overall, here are 4 ways your pets can help with your mental health while working from home. 


  1. They reduce stress

There is no such thing as an easy job. Every work has its own kind of stress and research says that pets generally make you feel less stressed. It’s probably just their adorable faces, but yes, it helps.


  1. They help you manage anxiety

Pets provide companionship and support and sometimes when you feel there’s no one to talk to, they’ll always be there. 


  1. They Help You To Be Active

Although it means you have to drag yourself to bring them for walks sometimes, you will end up doing it because it’s a need for them. And, it’s healthy for you. 


  1. They don’t make you feel lonely

If you have a pet, you never feel alone. They’re always there for you, even when you don’t want them to. 


If you’re still working from home, we hope this helps. If you don’t have a pet yet, maybe you’d want to consider having one? 


By Piravina Ragunathan