Here’s The Truth Behind These Common Weight Loss Myths

Are you trying to lose weight but not getting anywhere? Well, maybe it’s because you’re buying into misconceptions about weight loss…
here’s the truth behind these common weight loss mythsPhoto via The Indian Express

So much is said about losing weight and sometimes it can be hard to sort the fact from fiction.

Here are 6 common weight loss myths debunked by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). 

#1 An exhaustive exercise regime is the only way to lose weight

This is not true! A successful weight loss involves making small changes that you can stick to for a long time, which means being more physically active in your daily routine. 

Adults should get at least 150 minutes of physical activity such as fast walking or cycling. 

#2 Carbs make you put on weight

Eating in the right quantities will help you to manage your weight, carbohydrates will NOT!

Eat whole grain and wholemeal carbohydrates such as brown rice and wholemeal bread, and our favourite - potatoes! Remember, don’t eat dry, starchy foods when trying to lose weight, so fries and wedges? Say goodbye to them!

#3 Starving yourself is the best way to lose weight

Crash diets are unlikely to result in long-term weight loss. In fact, they can sometimes lead to a longer-term weight gain. You may be missing out on essential nutrients as crash diets can be limited in the variety of food consumed. 

Your body will also be low on energy, and may cause you to crave high-fat and high-sugar foods, which causes weight gain.

#4 Cutting out snacks can help you lose weight

Snacking isn’t the problem when trying to lose weight! It’s actually the type of snack. 

More people tend to snack in between meals to maintain energy levels, especially if the person has a more active lifestyle, however, snacking on chocolates, chips, and sugary drinks will definitely ruin your diet! 

Choose fruits and vegetables instead. Our personal favourites? Apples and bananas.

#5 Drinking water helps you lose weight

Drinking water does not help you lose weight! Yeah, sorry…

However, keeping your body hydrated might help you snack less! All in all, water is essential for good health and well-being, and sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger, so when you’re thirsty, you may snack more!

#6 Skipping meals is a good way to lose weight

We know you’ve been skipping your breakfast, don’t even try to hide it.

Skipping meals is actually not a good idea, and it doesn’t help you to lose weight. Just eat, but make sure to reduce the amount of calories you consume and increase the calories you burn through exercise.

Not eating properly will cause your body to get tired easily and you might also miss out on the essential nutrients that your body needs. 

You don’t have to torture yourself just to lose a couple of pounds. Do it the healthy way, guys! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat