Here’s How You Can Spot Signs And Symptoms Of Depression

You may be depressed… if you’re feeling sad, down or miserable most of the time for more than two weeks!

So it’s ALWAYS important to know the signs and symptoms of depression. 

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Many of us may experience one or more of these signs from time to time, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are depressed, and not everyone who is suffering from depression experiences these symptoms!

Here are the signs and symptoms of depression, according to Beyond Blue.


  1. Not going out anymore

  2. Not getting things done at work/school

  3. Withdrawing from close family and friends

  4. Relying on alcohol and sedatives

  5. Not doing usual enjoyable activities

  6. Unable to concentrate


  1. Overwhelmed

  2. Guilty

  3. Irritable

  4. Frustrated

  5. Lacking in confidence

  6. Unhappy

  7. Indecisive

  8. Disappointed

  9. Miserable

  10. Sad


  1. “I’m a failure.”

  2. “It’s my fault.”

  3. “Nothing good ever happens to me.”

  4. “I’m worthless.”

  5. “Life’s not worth living.”

  6. “People would be better off without me.”


  1. Tired all the time

  2. Sick and run down

  3. Headaches and muscle pains

  4. Churning gut

  5. Sleep problems

  6. Loss or change of appetite

  7. Significant weight loss or gain

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However, this does not provide a diagnosis - For that, you’ll need to see a doctor or a health professional. And don’t worry, they will help, guide and provide you with a better understanding about your feelings.

So, remember that it’s okay to get help! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat