Here’s How To Tapau KFC Macam Boss!

Malaysians love food. This year has seen too many missed meals with family and friends in our favourite eateries. 

here’s how to tapau kfc macam boss!

However, COVID-19 has seen food deliveries services step up their game to ensure that we can continue to enjoy our food with safe contactless deliveries. 

Joining this move is KFC, which recently launched ‘Pandu Ambil,’ their new curbside self-collect service. 

here’s how to tapau kfc macam boss!

‘Pandu Ambil’ allows you to place an order with your preferred restaurant based on location. Once ordered, all you have to do is to drive to your selected outlet and park at your designated parking spot and the food makes its way to you while you sit comfortably in your car. This service is now available at over 150 KFC stores nationwide and will expand to 250 stores by the end of the year. 

Angelina Villanueva, Chief Marketing Officer of KFC Malaysia commented that “our promise is to ensure our restaurants are serving up only the best food, in the safest way possible. We also want to ensure we offer our guests new and easy ways to order and enjoy KFC.”

Choose KFC Pandu Ambil

It’s not senang at all to juggle between life and work. That’s why y’all should try KFC Pandu Ambil! Simply choose Pandu Ambil on the app, select your KFC order, and enjoy your me time while we hantar your KFC orders straight to you! Yep. Takyah queue and keluar kereta pun! Order via the app, collect contactless with Pandu Ambil and Tapau Macam Boss with KFC today.

Posted by KFC on Thursday, October 15, 2020

Earlier this year, KFC halted it’s famous “Finger Lickin’ Good” to remind the public of the importance of hygiene especially during these times. Now, they’ve proven themselves resourceful. With this new service, KFC restaurants that were not built to be drive-thrus can effectively serve the public as one, giving customers greater access and peace of mind.  

By: Catalina Hubbard