Here’s How Malaysians Have Been Spending On Online Shopping Over MCO

here’s how malaysians have been spending on online shopping over mco

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It’s no secret that more people have been shopping online amid the COVID-19 pandemic, so as to avoid crowded places to curb the spread of the virus.

Based on a recent survey conducted by leading rewards and discovery platform ShopBack, 84% of the 22,865 respondents indicated that they have shopped online more frequently now compared to the period before the implementation of Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia.

And it seems free shipping is the top factor that influences their online purchasing decision, followed by cashback and seller discounts.

here’s how malaysians have been spending on online shopping over mco

Interestingly, the survey also found that different age groups have different purchasing priorities:

  • ‘Fashion’ is out on top for respondents aged 24 years and below.
  • ‘Personal hygiene and healthcare’ emerged as the top category for those aged above 54-years-old.
  • ‘Fashion’, ‘Beauty’, and ‘Personal hygiene and healthcare’ were weighted more evenly among respondents across other age groups.

Meanwhile, more than a quarter of the respondents expressed they have at least doubled their monthly spending on online shopping since MCO began, and they plan to spend around the same amount of their monthly budget during the 11.11 sale.

Here’s a breakdown of how much they intend to spend:

here’s how malaysians have been spending on online shopping over mco

“The implementation of the movement control order has further accelerated the rate of e-commerce adoption. Malaysians are increasingly sourcing for products online due to convenience, and we decided to conduct the 2020 ShopBack Shoppers Survey to collect data and insights on how our users are shopping, what they are buying, and what they hope to buy during 11.11,” said Eddy Han, Country General Manager of ShopBack Malaysia. 

“These insights are important for us to understand consumers’ ever-changing preferences in order to stay ahead of their needs and make meaningful preparations for our upcoming sale,” he added.

Are you contributing to this year’s 11.11 sale?


by Kyle Roshen Jacob