Here Is The Actual Truth About Dimples!

Ever wonder why some people have dimples while others don’t? It may be hard to believe but dimples are actually a birth defect!

here is the actual truth about dimples!Photo via The List

According to The Wellness Corner, dimples are visible indentations in the facial skin that are either permanently present on a person’s cheeks and chin or appear when a person smiles or talks. 

The truth is, dimples are actually genetic defects that are caused by shortened facial muscles and it is due to a fault in the sebaceous connective tissue that develops in the course of embryonic development.

For some people, dimples can fade as time goes by because sometimes the facial muscles may stretch out, however, dimples that appear on your face due to excessive fat are not healthy and will vanish once the excessive fat goes away.

here is the actual truth about dimples!Photo via Medicine Net

It only takes one gene to inherit this defect, and if one parent has them, the child has a 25-50% chance of having dimples as well. But if both parents have dimples, the child has a 50-100% chance of inheriting the genes.

Though it is a birth defect, don’t worry, dimples don’t have any negative health effects!

While dimples are one of the most dominant facial traits and considered as a mark of beauty, you don’t need dimples to be beautiful… You’re beautiful just the way you are! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat