Here Are 6 Educational Destinations In Selangor For You And The Younglings!

Learning will be more effective if it’s enjoyable! Visiting destinations which are fun and at the same time educational, may provide a meaningful experience to kids, and maybe you, as well. 

here are 6 educational destinations in selangor for you and the younglings!Photo via Selangor Journal

These educational destinations listed by Tourism Selangor will give you the opportunity to safely explore the outside world after the MCO is lifted. You can enjoy places like the museum, zoo or other interactive venues which offer learning experiences in a fun setting. 

Career Role-Playing at KidZania, Mutiara Damansara

here are 6 educational destinations in selangor for you and the younglings!

KidZania, Mutiara Damansara is an edutainment centre that encourages learning through interactive role-playing experience in a very exciting environment. 

Kids can experience real-life occupations in a replica of a real city. It offers over 70 professions to try role-playing out including being a nurse, firefighter, police, pilot, lawyer and more! Activity like this surely provides a positive learning experience to your beloved children. 

Explore the animal world at Zoo Negara

here are 6 educational destinations in selangor for you and the younglings!

Zoo Negara is the largest zoo in Malaysia, situated in Ampang, Selangor. 

The zoo is a suitable destination for children to get closer and know the animals better. There are over 5,000 specimens consisting of about 400 species of animals. Surely the children, and yourself, will be entertained to see the animals, especially when they get to see the giraffes, elephants, crocodiles, tigers and lions up close at their enclosures. Also, one of the key attractions at Zoo Negara is definitely watching the highly-endangered giant pandas named Xing Xing, Liang, Liang and Yi Yi. 

Trust us, they are super adorable!  

Learn culture and traditions at Mah Meri Cultural Village

here are 6 educational destinations in selangor for you and the younglings!

Mah Meri is one of the indigenous tribes in Malaysia, also referred to as the “Masked Men of Malaysia”. 

They are also famous for their intricate and unique carvings and handicrafts. Mah Meri Cultural Village is an aboriginal village located in Carey Island, Kuala Langat. Here, the children can be exposed to the surrounding of the village, and Mah Meri tribe’s culture and traditions. In addition, there is also a mini gallery that showcases various collections related to the people of Mah Meri. A visit to Mah Meri Cultural Village would definitely be able to provide an extensive exposure to the kids; an addition to immersing themselves in the culture of the Mah Meri people.

Get closer to the animals at Farm in the City

here are 6 educational destinations in selangor for you and the younglings!

Farm in the City is a famous petting zoo in Malaysia. Located in Seri Kembangan, you can take your children to Farm in the City for them to get closer to the animals here. 

You can also have interactions by feeding, petting and playing with the animals including turtles, deer and rabbits while being monitored by the zoo rangers. Besides that, children will get to experience the pony ride and watch Cockatoo and Parrot performance at Kampung Mahmood. This visit will surely bring joy to you and your loved ones! 

Physical activity at Camp5 Climbing Gym

here are 6 educational destinations in selangor for you and the younglings!

If you have littles ones, your siblings or nieces and nephews, who love to run around, climb, jump and play; Camp5 Climbing Gym is the perfect place for them to enjoy physical activities in a safe setting! 

Located in 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Camp5 is an indoor rock-climbing centre. Worry not; the place is supervised by trained and professional staff in a secure environment. Hence, take the kids there to help stimulate their mental development and increase confidence in facing life challenges. The walls here at Camp5 vary with average heights of 8m-14m and 14-16m tall.

Petting zoo at G2G Animal Garden

here are 6 educational destinations in selangor for you and the younglings!

Situated at MAEPS Serdang, G2G Animal Garden is where you can experience the joy of animal therapy and to have a closer interaction with the animals. 

It was newly-opened in 2017, and offers a variety of exciting activities with the combined concept of eco and agro-tourism that provides a fun experience with your loved ones. The younglings also have the opportunity to interact with more than 70 species of both local and exotic animals. This is a superb experience for the whole family!       

Combining children's experiences with educational elements or edutainment can provide them with not only entertainment but also the opportunity to learn something that cannot be attained at home or in school!

But for now, all we can do is #ImagineNowExperienceLater. We can’t wait until the Movement Control Order is over! 

However, always remember to abide by SOPs when you’re out even for a little while! Remember to always wear a face mask, maintain physical distance and clean your hands regularly.

In the meantime, stay safe and take care of yourself! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat