Hello From The Wild Side!

Not ready to head out just yet? There’s good news for you!

Following the popularity of its Hello from the Wild Side initiative which allows everyone to enjoy fun, meaningful wildlife experiences without leaving the comfort of home or even the office, Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) has launched an expanded range of virtual offerings, promising even more unique interactions with animals.

hello from the wild side!

So, grab a blanket and relax - you can now visit the zoo from the comfort of your own home, with some exclusive behind-the-scenes with Singapore Zoo’s Asian elephants! 

The Backstage Pass offers a private 30-minute session where participants can venture to the Elephants of Asia exhibit and get a special (virtual) up-close experience with the majestic, gentle animals, and even take part in their enrichment activities. 

If you’re a fan of elephants, then this is the programme for you!

The session will be led by WRS’ animal care team who will share inside stories about the all-female herd and also how they care for them.

We were lucky enough to get the chance to meet two of their elephants, Komali and Jati! Here’s a sneak peek of our experience:

Thank you Wildlife Reserves Singapore for having us!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat