Have You Ever Wondered Where The Good And Bad Reviews Come From?

Travelers from China, Mexico, Hungary, and Taiwan were the most favourable reviewers, while travelers from India, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia were most likely to leave low score ratings.

have you ever wondered where the good and bad reviews come from?Photo via blueswandaily

How far is it from the truth? Well, a study conducted by Agoda will reveal to you the harshest and most favourable reviewers by the market. 

According to data compiled by Agoda, travelers from China, Mexico, Hungary and Taiwan are most likely to give high rating scores of between 8-10 and positive feedback on the properties they stayed at. 

It also shows that 77.1% of travelers from China gave their trips a high rating score of 8-10, followed by Mexico with 76.5% and Hungary and Taiwan with 75.9%. 

On the other hand, travelers that gave the lowest ratings came from India, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia - between 1-3. While these markets seemed the most critical, there were also 66.2% of Turkish travellers, 63.2% of Indian travellers and 61% Saudi Arabia travellers who gave a rating score of 8-10 for their travel experiences.

have you ever wondered where the good and bad reviews come from?

Errol Cooke, Agoda’s Vice President of Global Partner Services said: “Reviews are akin to personal recommendations by like-minded peers, and they influence customers’ decisions when they choose their accommodation.”

“Those travelling with families might be interested in reviews on services such as kids’ clubs or babysitting, or the in-room amenities such as kitchen or cots, plus the location in relation to family-friendly day trips and experiences. Whereas business travelers may be more interested in the quality of internet connection and other leisure travellers may prioritize the breakfast selection or gym facilities,” he added. 

But apparently, travellers from Malaysia don’t seem to sweat the small stuff. We are ranked #56 among the most favourable reviewers, and #43 among the harshest reviewers.

61.7% of Malaysian reviewers gave high scores while 2.7% gave low ratings. That’s not that bad! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat