Google and Lazada Are Providing Free Digital Skills Training to Online Sellers

More Malaysians have now turned to e-commerce as their source of income as more and more people are being left without a job since the COVID-19 pandemic started. 

google and lazada are providing free digital skills training to online sellersPhoto via Freepik

Though some of these platforms have opened many opportunities for Malaysians to start their businesses online, for some of us, e-commerce is still something very new and unfamiliar. 

But don’t worry, Google and Lazada have announced free training courses for online sellers that will equip you with digital skills and help your businesses grow!

This partnership aims to provide small retailers with more educational resources to improve their online presence, especially during this challenging year.

google and lazada are providing free digital skills training to online sellersPhoto via Disturb Digital

Director of Google, Ben King said: “E-commerce has become an integral part of daily life for millions of Southeast Asians, and with more people shopping from home, we want to empower small businesses with the skills to thrive in this online environment. We've committed to train 3 million SME workers in Southeast Asia on digital skills, and have already provided training to 2 million individuals.”

Jon Chin, Regional Head of Seller Growth and Engagement at Lazada added that this partnership can help equip sellers with digital skills in a short period of time, which could help them to boost their sales, “Given that in the past year, we have seen an online migration of sellers onto our platform, we expect that this initiative can support many SMEs across the region to transition effortlessly into digital commerce.”

Small business owners across the Southeast Asia region can access these classes on the Grow with Google site by Lazada University.

The training courses will cover topics such as business strategy and digital marketing and will help address barriers of entry to starting an online shop. Besides that, Lazada merchants can access the co-created content directly on the Lazada University Portal, with curriculums tailored for each country.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat