Get To Know How You Can Help Save Our Tigers

Our Malayan tiger is in danger of going extinct!

According to WWF Malaysia, the Malayan tiger is officially listed as “critically endangered” in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. 

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In the 80’s, Malaysia was called the Asian Tigers due to our rapid industrialization growth. 

The Malayan tiger, also known locally as the ‘Harimau Belang’ is undoubtedly a Malaysian icon. It is our symbol of bravery and strength and is deservedly honoured and depicted in our Coat of Arms.

Malaysia’s first national car, PROTON, also has the tiger-head as its emblem and badge mark for its brand and its cars.

The country’s leading bank, Malayan Banking Berhad, or famously known as Maybank and Malaysia’s national football team also has the tiger as its emblem and logo, too. 

...but unfortunately, the tiger has been hunted for many years - from being hunted for sport, killed due to human-animal conflict, and poached for their body parts. If we do not act now, we WILL eventually lose our tigers.

Not only that, they are also threatened by habitat loss due to forestation and fragmentation.

get to know how you can help save our tigersPhoto via TODAYonline

So, how can we help to save the tigers? According to Tigers In Crisis, there are a few ways that you can help!

1. Protect tigers and their habitat

To survive the wild, tigers need large areas of habitat, of at least 1,000 square kilometres that is free from human activities, with sufficient water to drink and to hunt for animals to eat.

Just like us, they need their personal space, too, to raise a family and run around. So, fight against illegal logging and leave the forest alone. 

2. Reduce human-tiger conflicts

We can’t hide the fact that tigers are dangerous animals that can kill domestic livestock and even humans. 

If you spot a tiger in your area, call the authorities immediately! Do not provoke or hurt the tiger, and wait until the authorities arrive. 

3. Anti-poaching efforts

Poaching is the main threat of the tiger’s survival. 

Park rangers have the important job of protecting tigers from illegal hunting by patrolling protected areas, dismantling illegal snares, setting up checkpoints and roadblocks to deter poachers, and enforcing wildlife laws. 

No, their eyes, bones, whiskers, and teeth are not our medicine and their skin is not your symbol of wealth. 

4. Spread awareness

Talk about it more especially to your friends and your family. 

This is important to create enthusiasm and support, and it can also drive change in the public interest to move beyond just raising awareness. We want people to act!

Whatever you do, it is important to know that extinction is forever. Once they’re gone, there is no way to get them back.

Protect the tigers at all costs! Happy international tiger day!

We are losing our stripes! With less than 200 left in Malaysia, it is high time that we act to protect them and save them from extinction. Happy International Tiger Day!

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The Malayan tiger is one of the smallest subspecies of tigers, and it can be found in Malaysia! (Hence, the awesome...

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