Gen Zs Are Woke Travellers

If you think the younger Gen Zs are all about social media and frappuccinos, you might just be wrong.

According to Airbnb, Gen Zs are really into traveling, specifically sustainable tourism, one that leaves a positive impact either to the environment, society or even the economy.       

gen zs are woke travellers

Photo: Airbnb

Global hospitality marketplace Airbnb announced that Gen Z guests comprise its fastest growing guest segment for Airbnb Experiences in Malaysia and Asia Pacific with guest bookings growing more than three times year-over-year.

These experiences by Gen Z guests in Malaysia include ecotourism adventures, such as jungle trekking or swimming in rainforest waterfalls.

gen zs are woke travellersPhoto: Airbnb

Searching for Kuala Lumpur’s hidden night view or having a taste of traditional Malay street food.

gen zs are woke travellers

Photo: Airbnb

Some are even keen on embarking on cultural and learning experiences such as living in Orang Asli Kampungs or exploring Kampung Baru, the traditional Malay village right in the heart of KL.

gen zs are woke travellers

Photo: Airbnb

Parin Mehta, Managing Director for Airbnb Experiences, Asia Pacific said that “Travelers today want unique, memorable experiences and that’s what we deliver. The rapid growth of Gen Zs booking Airbnb Experiences reflects how this new generation actively seeks a different form of travel,”

“Gen Zs are driven by a new experience-led economy where they place greater value on experiences over ownership. They are also travelling more than the generations before them and finding ways to make travel a significant part of their lifestyle.” he added

To cater to this growing population of “woke” Gen Z travellers, Airbnb launched three new Experiences categories this year alone, expanding its unrivalled collection with Airbnb Adventures, Airbnb Animal Experiences, and Airbnb Cooking Experiences.

For those interested in exploring what real Malaysia has to offer, Airbnb also has a line-up of one-of-a-kind Airbnb Experiences across Malaysia such as:

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t just look at your friend’s Instagram post. Book your unique travelling experience today!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya