foodpanda Ensures Its Delivery Partners’ Safety And Welfare

During the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, our frontliners have been working hard and selflessly to keep us all safe from the virus, and one of them is our delivery riders.

foodpanda ensures its delivery partners’ safety and welfarePhoto via New Straits Times

Despite the scorching hot weather or heavy rain, they manage to always deliver our orders on time, putting their own health and safety at risk.

foodpanda recognises that their riders play an important role in the community and as part of their mission to support the safety and well-being of its riders.

foodpanda ensures its delivery partners’ safety and welfarePhoto via Malaysian Reserve

So, what are the benefits offered by foodpanda as part of its continuous support towards its delivery partners?


As of April 2020, up to RM200,000 was contributed to the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) for the Self-Employment Social Security Scheme (SESSS) of its 2,544 riders.

2. Insurance Coverage

A 24-hour insurance coverage to cover all active riders from injuries and accidents, permanent disabilities including death. This also includes coverage for active riders even when they are not on duty. 

3. Free Bag Sanitisation

foodpanda provides free sanitisation for their delivery bags at selected locations bi-weekly. Riders in their uniform will only have to show their ID via the app to enjoy this service. 

4. TEKUM Mobilepreneur

The collaboration between foodpanda and the Ministry of Entrepreneurs Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC), riders are able to loan up to RM2,000 individually with 0% interest, subjected to the terms and conditions.

5. Automotive

All foodpanda riders are able to enjoy special promotions such as oil filters, bike parts, and heavy chains among many others from automotive brands such as Liqui Moly, RAPIDO, Shell, Caltex, and more. 

6. Skill Enhancement

Foodpanda offers classes under Panda Academy to those who are interested in acquiring new skills. Currently module language, coding and also science data.

7. DiGi x foodpanda

Foodpanda riders get to enjoy exclusive offers when they switch their mobile plan to DiGi. This includes RM20 discounts monthly, a free smartphone and zero upfront payment. 

8. RUSH x foodpanda

All foodpanda riders get to enjoy 10 free RUSH powerbank rentals until throughout the month of August.

Thank you for making sure we all get our food on time, Abang-Abang foodpanda! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat