Find Out How Compatible You Are With Your Friends On Snapchat!

Want to kickstart a rich, meaningful conversation about your friendships, as written in the stars?

Snapchat aims to honor your relationships with the people who really matter to you, from ephemeral messaging to expressive augmented reality, Snapchat is a place where you can be you, with your real friends. 

find out how compatible you are with your friends on snapchat!

But it's been a tough year for friendships, especially with social distancing…

According to data from Snap's annual 2020 Friendship Report, a global study interviewing 30,000 people across sixteen countries: 

  • Pre-COVID, many reported feeling lonely at times (21%). But since Covid, more Malaysians have felt lonely (31%) - a rise of 10%. When asked to think about the effects of Covid on their friendships, nearly half of those surveyed agreed with the statement that they “felt more distant from friends because they couldn’t spend time in-person” (46%).
  • A third of the people Snap surveyed said that COVID-19 has affected their friendships (35%). With 54% saying that it has led to them not feeling as close to their friends.

Now, Snapchat is introducing two brand new Astrological features that offer a new and interesting way to learn, share and strike up conversations about your bond with your friends, and potentially deepen your relationships- going far beyond what you see in a daily horoscope.

It's all personal to you and your best friends!

Sarah May Low, a Malaysian tarot card reader and modern western astrologer said, astrology helps us understand our own “Language of Love” and of those around us, “Astrology can also teach us how we and our partners, friends, family or even colleagues can all meet halfway, have our emotional cups filled and feel appreciated.”

We spoke to Sarah before, and you can catch her interview with us here

Everyday Malaysians: Sarah May Low

#EverydayMalaysians. Despite being successful in her career and holding several degrees, Sarah May Low knows that there are certain answers you just can’t find in books. She believes that anyone can better their lives based on their hard work and a little guidance from her tarot reading.

Posted by on Monday, March 16, 2020

With any friend who has also set up the feature, you'll see a super detailed compatibility reading, showing the intersection of your birth charts together. Relationship traits will be detailed across 10 different planetary dimensions, and all Astrology info is presented in Stories format and can be easily downloaded to camera roll or shared with anyone on Snapchat. 

It's a fun way to stay connected and get to more introspective conversations about what rings true, for you and your friend. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat