Feel Like Spending Your Hard Earned Money? When It Is OK To Splurge?

We get it, you’ve been working hard all month long and you’re tempted to treat yourself to a nice dinner, or buy that pretty sweater you saw at the mall last weekend…

We’ve all been there and you might be wondering… When is it OK to splurge?

feel like spending your hard earned money? when it is ok to splurge?Photo via MCM Outlet

#1 High quality items that will last for years

Need a new pair of running shoes? Go for it! 

It’s okay to spend hundreds of Ringgit on a pair of new running shoes, sold by a reputable shoe brand (of course!) compared to those cheap ones, as it lasts longer and is more comfortable and safe for you to use.

One time, we bought a shoe that looked “trendy” and it was so cheap we felt like we HAD to get them. But guess how many times we actually wore them? Yes, NONE times! 

The shoes were very uncomfortable… We could’ve bought coffee with that money! 

#2 Experiences

Once in a lifetime or a rare experience is the one thing we don’t mind spending our money on! 

For example, like going on a trip with your family or friends, going to a concert or even a theatre that doesn’t often come (cries in Malaysia), or a weekend retreat or staycation in your city. 

If you feel like you’ll regret not doing it, then it is definitely worth spending your money on it. However, you need to make sure that you are ready to work really hard to earn it! Be smart with your money and put aside a certain amount every month just for that concert! 

#3 If you have saved up for it

Have enough money to buy that pretty jacket you saw at the mall last week? OK, then buy it!

If you have enough money to spend on your splurge, then we’d say go for it. And always make sure you have enough for rent, food, savings and emergency!

#4 Offer long term pleasure

Before buying something, you should think about whether it will offer you long-term pleasure rather than things that are easily forgotten. 

Things like figurines, excessive amounts of face products and jewellery that you already have too much of… some of these will just sit there in your room collecting dust! You might even forget that you had them.

Splurging is okay IF you do it the right way. Though it’s more reasonable to splurge on something that you could use every day, however, it’s okay to spend your money on things here and there should it help improve your mental health and quality of life.

If it makes you happy, then no one can stop you! You have one life, live every moment!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat