Malaysia's Rising Stars: 6 Young Creatives to Watch Out For!

This year, Faber-Castell took the opportunity to shine the spotlight on six young Malaysians who are charting their future in the arts and creative arena. The Young Artist Award 2023, dedicated to nurturing creativity and sustainability in young artists, sees these individuals as integral to a historic milestone with a remarkable 53,052 submissions. This achievement earned the platform the title of 'The Largest Young Artist Colouring Contest' by the Malaysia Book of Records.

Get ready to discover the incredible skills and visions of these emerging young talents as they redefine the boundaries of creativity, shaping the bright future of Malaysia's creative scene.

Raja Ahmad Allaudin

malaysia's rising stars: 6 young creatives to watch out for!

Meet Raja Ahmad Allaudin, a Young Artist Award finalist who discovered his love for art at the age of four. Coming from a family of creatives, Raja Ahmad collaborates with local artists like Ujang, a constant inspiration in his artistic journey. With the encouragement of supportive parents, he dreams of becoming an illustrator and publishing his own book one day. Raja Ahmad believes his journey is proof that nurturing creativity from a young age can pave a purposeful career in the world of art.

Charnelle Christa Juannes

malaysia's rising stars: 6 young creatives to watch out for!

As an aspiring animator, this Sabah-born finalist distinguishes herself with exceptional talent. Currently working on her dream project—an enchanting fantasy-themed animation series—her unique perspectives and unwavering dedication set her apart. Remaining composed during competitions, Charnelle carries her sketchbook everywhere, capturing inspiration through her sketches.

Lau Jia Xuan

malaysia's rising stars: 6 young creatives to watch out for!

Fuelled by a deep love for anime, Lau Jia Xuan's artistic journey embodies passion and ambition, inspiring her to aspire to establish a YouTube art channel one day. At school, she actively collaborates with her peers to craft an anime series called “Friends At Start”, showcasing creative teamwork and encouraging others to pursue their artistic dreams with unwavering determination.

The top three winning artworks will be showcased at UTme! by UNIQLO in 2024. Step into the world of Teh Yu Cen, Gracelyn Loh, and Lee Ruo Lin as their winning pieces take centre stage at your nearest UNIQLO outlet.

Teh Yu Cen - Age 8

Art isn't just a hobby for her; it's a dedicated journey of creative growth. She explores new techniques passionately, and every stroke in her artwork not only showcases her talent but also tells a story fuelled by her enthusiasm.

Lee Ruo Lin - Age 12

Ruo Lin's competition journey has been a profound learning experience, especially as she delves into sustainability topics that drive her to learn more about the environment. Armed with newfound knowledge, it inspires her to use art in more creative ways, aiming to encourage young Malaysians to care about and engage with environmental issues.

Gracelyn Loh - Age 17

Gracelyn lives by the mantra 'Practice makes perfect.' Her daily dedication to acquiring new skills using various art supplies has brought her to where she is today. With a supportive mother who played a crucial role in teaching her about sustainability, Gracelyn extends her newfound love for the environment by mentoring her little brother, and fostering awareness and consciousness about the world around them.

Mr. Andrew Woon, Managing Director of Faber-Castell Malaysia, “Faber-Castell is thrilled to create a platform that marks the pathways of six remarkable young Malaysians shaping the future of the arts.

"The Young Artist Award 2023 is a celebration of creativity, sustainability, and the transformative power of art. Nurturing the creative spirit in young talents not only shapes their artistic journey but also paves the way for a meaningful and purposeful career in the realm of art. We are proud to be part of their inspirational stories”.