ESCAPE Penang Ranks Third in Asia's Best Amusement Parks: A Triumph for Malaysia's Underdog!

In a surprising twist of events, Sim Leisure Group, the leading theme park and leisure specialist in Malaysia, has defied the odds and secured the third spot in Tripadvisor's prestigious Travellers' Choice 2022 Best of the Best - Asia. 

The accolade recognizes the top amusement parks and water parks in the region, and Escape Penang, the nature-based retro-eco adventure park, has outshone its larger, more established global counterparts to claim this remarkable achievement.

escape penang ranks third in asia's best amusement parks: a triumph for malaysia's underdog!

Tripadvisor, the world's largest travel guidance platform, relies on real travelers' reviews and opinions to determine the winners of its annual Travellers' Choice awards. The fact that Escape Penang has clinched this honor is a testament to its unwavering commitment to delivering what consumers truly desire. Unlike other theme parks that require massive capital investments, the Escape brand stands out by embracing bold ideas, innovation, and creativity, resulting in a highly successful and unparalleled experience. Not only has Escape Penang surpassed major attractions in Hong Kong, Japan, and Dubai, but it has also achieved the remarkable feat of being the only theme park in Malaysia with a 5-star rating on Tripadvisor.

Sim Leisure Group, along with its homegrown Escape brand, has demonstrated remarkable endurance in the ever-evolving theme park and attractions industry. While other brands have come and gone, this Malaysian powerhouse continues to push boundaries, elevating Penang and Malaysia's tourism industry to new heights. What began as a humble venture in Penang has now flourished, leaving an indelible mark across the nation and beyond.

During the award presentation ceremony, Dato' Sim, the founder and executive chairman of Sim Leisure Group, was honored to receive the award from YAB Tuan Chow Kon Yeow, the Chief Minister of Penang. In his speech, Chow commended the group for its inventiveness, which has played a vital role in bolstering both Penang's and Malaysia's tourism and attractions industry. He expressed his delight at witnessing a Malaysian brand achieve such success while staying true to its ethos and philosophy. Chow also emphasized the significance of Sim Leisure Group's victory as a step forward for the local industry, eagerly anticipating their continued efforts in putting Malaysia on the world map for exceptional attractions and theme parks.

escape penang ranks third in asia's best amusement parks: a triumph for malaysia's underdog!

escape penang ranks third in asia's best amusement parks: a triumph for malaysia's underdog!

Sim Leisure Group's international reputation as an industry powerhouse in theme park and leisure is well-deserved. With an impressive track record of 300 international theme park projects, including renowned attractions like DreamWorks and the John Wick ride in MOTIONGATE™ Theme Park Dubai, the group's standing in the industry is unparalleled.

Its recent projects, such as Sea World Abu Dhabi and Six Flags in Saudi Arabia, further solidify its status as a trusted name synonymous with innovation and expertise.

The Escape brand also exemplifies sustainability in the leisure industry, employing a low-impact and green approach to development. Escape Penang itself serves as a prime example of this commitment, transforming a once desolate brownfield into a thriving green playground, teeming with local ecology.

Following its remarkable achievements, the ESCAPE brand is now on a mission to revolutionize the global theme park industry with its groundbreaking retro-eco concept. This marks a significant departure from the conventional trend of foreign attractions being exported to Malaysia.

With two new ESCAPE parks set to open in Ipoh later this year, and another in the breathtaking Cameron Highlands, the brand is poised to establish its presence across the Asia Pacific and the Middle East, captivating audiences worldwide.