Eating Chicken Skin Isn’t So Bad After All

eating chicken skin isn’t so bad after allPhoto: The Butchery Sausage

Do you usually throw your chicken skin?

Most of us would probably eat it without hesitation, especially the crunchy, finger-licking-good stuff from KFC.

Greasy food is almost always the best kind of food, but the guilt after is immense. 

We have been told that these foods have high fat content, increase cholesterol levels and contribute to health diseases like high blood pressure and heart problems. Pretty scary, right? While there are some who say that life is short and choose to eat it anyway, there are also the health conscious (and very strong-willpowered) ones who forego unhealthy foods for the sake of a better body. We all wanna look and feel good, after all kan?

Here’s a plot twist, though - reported that a recent study conducted by health experts at Harvard University found that chicken skin actually does not cause any health problems, especially heart-related issues!

He added that contrary to popular belief,  the skin has plenty of benefits and is even good for the heart. The fat from chicken skin isn’t saturated fat and even has the ability to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Even better, the calories in chicken skin aren’t high enough to cause weight increase.

That’s some pretty good news right there! Are you on your way to get your chicken skin yet?