Develop Your Creativity At These Art Centers In Selangor

Did you know, participating in art workshops or classes is an effective way to instil a focused mindset in an individual?

Such participation is able to sharpen one’s mind to become more creative, regardless of age. In addition, it is essential to hone children’s creativity for optimal brain development. Therefore, in this article, Tourism Selangor will share these 5 Art Centres in Selangor, perfect for you to express your creativity!

#1 Clay Expression, USJ 1

develop your creativity at these art centers in selangor

Clay Expression has a line-up of instructors who are experienced in the world of clay art.

Students will get to learn on clay art to explore art’s subjective value and later materialize it to an object. Don’t worry, students will also be taught with proper techniques allowing them to easily shape an object they want to produce. What’s best; you can take home your handmade pottery!

#2 Sewing World Gallery, Subang Jaya

Who doesn't know about Sewing World Gallery?

develop your creativity at these art centers in selangor

Founded in 1989, the organization has conducted hundreds of sewing workshops and classes with the aim of preserving and inheriting the art of sewing in today’s fashion trend. Various classes are offered here such as Colourful Patchwork Blanket Online Workshop, Boxy Pouch Online Workshop, and many more! 

#3 The Artsy Craftsy, Shah Alam

develop your creativity at these art centers in selangor

Of course, exposure to the world of arts as well as enrolment in creative art schools and workshops can help to sharpen one's creativity.

Join the classes offered at The Artsy Craftsy and hone your creativity in painting art by creating ones with a greater depth, as well as be able to improve your understanding of your art creation.

#4 Craft No 7, Petaling Jaya

develop your creativity at these art centers in selangor

Craft No 7 in Petaling Jaya offers a variety of programmes suitable for all levels, with skilled instructors in the field of art.

So, don’t worry if you are a beginner, because here is the right place for you to hone your artistic skills! Many workshops are offered here including wax and candle making workshops, body scrub production, flower patterns on clay, and many more!

#5 A Space to ______, Damansara

develop your creativity at these art centers in selangor

A Space to ___ is among the organizations which offer a variety of workshops and art classes, ranging from painting art to modern Japanese book-binding techniques, kombucha brewing workshops, Amigurumi crochet, and many more!

To discover more about the available workshops, you may log on to their website. The cost of the workshop is also very affordable, so, what are you waiting for?

These Art Centres will help you to fill your free time by improving the artistic abilities you have already possessed. In addition to being able to learn creative arts, you will also have the opportunity to mingle with friends from various races and ages!

However, please always remember to adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the National Security Council (MKN). Stay safe and happy crafting.