CMCO Clarified: Let’s Not Get Confused Here

cmco clarified: let’s not get confused here

Photo via TODAYOnline

‘Confused Movement Control Order’ is trending on Twitter, as many Malaysians are still confused about what you can and cannot do during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Sabah.

The government did set some CMCO ground rules when it started on October 14th, but as the week went by, the stance on some rules apparently changed, leaving people just guessing and relying on inaccurate viral WhatsApp messages.

So as we enter the second week of CMCO 2.0, allow us to clarify some misconceptions for you…

  1. Seating arrangement when travelling

You will NOT be fined for sitting side by side in the same car. The RM1,000 compound is only issued if you exceed the two-person limit per car. If you really need to travel with more than two people, you’ll need permission from the police.

  1. E-hailing restrictions

As mentioned, there are no fines for seating arrangement in a vehicle. E-hailing vehicles and taxis are only allowed to ferry a maximum of two passengers, meaning three people to a vehicle is allowed.

  1. Permission to travel within districts in KL

You do NOT need police permission to travel within districts in KL, as KL is considered a single district during this CMCO. Please be reminded that you’re advised to only travel for work purposes, and avoid crowded spaces. If you choose to travel beyond an area under the CMCO, you’ll need a work authorisation letter from your employer. Other reasons will not be entertained.

  1. Sporting and recreational activities

Sporting activities which are carried out individually and without contact are allowed, which means you can go jogging. Also, gyms have been allowed to operate, but they must comply with SOPs.

Hope this clears the air! Stay home as much as you can!