Check Out This Malaysian-Made Animated Short Film Entirely In Kadazan!

Malaysia is blessed with rich cultures and diversity, and what better way to showcase the beauty of our country with an animated short film shot entirely in one of our native languages!

check out this malaysian-made animated short film entirely in kadazan!Photo: Youtube Legend Of Ancient Borneo - Animated Short Film

Based on the short comic created by Aks Kwan and Robertson Sondoh Jr., Legend of Ancient Borneo retells the local folklore in Sabah and brings attention towards Borneo's culture and heritage.

In the film's submission to the International Peace and Film Festival, it was described as "a fantasy tale of superpower warriors battling mystical creatures. But what’s hidden beneath, is about us humans being selfish and ignorant to the catastrophic damage we have done to the world for our own sake”.

Legend of Ancient Borneo was produced by All-For-One Productions and as a tribute to Sabah's indigenous tribes, the film's language is entirely in Kadazan!

Director Geoffrey Sinn hopes that the film will also put a spotlight on local animation talent.

"Through this film, we’re hoping to uplift Sabah’s animation industry, and provide more exposure to Sabahan folklore stories," he said in an interview with the Borneo Post.

Indeed, many who have watched the short film were beaming in pride at what the short film represents for the people of Sabah and for Malaysia at large.

check out this malaysian-made animated short film entirely in kadazan!

Photo: Youtube Legend Of Ancient Borneo - Animated Short Film

Aks Kwan also shared previews of the original comic on his Facebook page in celebration of the film's release last Monday (18 May).

The short film was one of the winners of the Intellectual Property Creators Challenge (IPCC) in 2018 (now DC3, Digital Content Creative Challenge) organized by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation.

In an interview with The Star, Geoffrey Sinn also hinted that a TV series based on the comic may also be in the works

We are proud of our local talents and we look forward to more of these amazing productions. Malaysia Boleh!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya