Check Out KLPAC’s Virtual Film Festival

check out klpac’s virtual film festival

KLPAC’s SHORT+SWEET Film festival is going online this year!

For obvious reasons, the event can’t be held the way it usually is, but you know how the saying goes... “the show must go on!”.

This will be the first time KLPAC is partnering with CloudTheatre, which is basically a virtual theatre platform, for SHORT+SWEET.

What’s interesting about this year’s SHORT+SWEET Film is that it brings together an exciting array of filmmakers onto one, single platform, with 13 films in various languages to be showcased - some of them even containing mature content.

“In this new normal, we cannot discount the digital platform as a means for people to access and consume creative works. One genre that lends itself well to the online platform is film, of course,” said festival director Dato’ Dr. Faridah Merican.

SHORT+SWEET also has an interactive element, as you will be able to interact with other viewers via the virtual chat function, while watching the films.

And yes, you’ll still be able to vote for your favourite film so that it stands a chance to win the coveted Audience Choice Award!

check out klpac’s virtual film festival

SHORT+SWEET Film is on till Friday (October 2nd), with the series of events set to continue with live performances for Stand-Up Comedy & Song from October 2nd-3rd, Musical from 9th-10th October, Dance from 16th-17th and Theatre from 23rd-24th at KLPAC before moving up to Penang.

The full festival schedule can be found here <link>.

For tickets, call +603-40479000 or go to


by Kyle Roshen Jacob