Check Out KFC’s Ode To Malaysia!

check out kfc’s ode to malaysia!

As you all are well aware, we’re in the season of celebrating Malaysia, and KFC is showing its love for our country in a very colourful manner!

The franchise is taking this opportunity to express its love for the country that it has called home for 47 years, since its first restaurant opened in 1973 through the ‘KFC Cara Kita’ campaign.

Chief Marketing Officer of KFC Malaysia, Angelina Villanueva said the campaign represents how Malaysians have played a part in defining KFC as much as the brand has been a part of their lives.

“KFC is proud to be part of the social fabric of Malaysia with our 740 restaurants across the country serving Malaysians. This campaign is a celebration of the uniqueness and beauty that each individual brings to the community. Shaping us and making us the people and country we are today. Thus the campaign ‘KFC Cara Kita’,” she said.

check out kfc’s ode to malaysia!

KFC collaborated with local street artist Kenji Chai, who is known for his vibrant murals both locally and around the world.

Three outlets now feature his characteristic artwork style on their walls, with each one a distinctive piece paying tribute to Malaysia and proudly showcasing the beauty of our country’s unique identity.

“It is my pleasure to work with KFC on this project, being able to creatively express the common and unique traits which we, as Malaysians share with each other,” said Chai.

“Being born and raised in Sandakan and now living in KL, there are many aspects to my identity as a Malaysian and I’m honoured to be able to share this with the public. I’m glad that KFC is championing this effort and bringing Malaysians together in our own way,” he added.

check out kfc’s ode to malaysia!

These insta-worthy art murals can be spotted on the walls of three KFC outlets in the Klang Valley namely at  5 Barat, Sea Park and Desa Sri Hartamas.

So if you happen to be around these areas, be sure to check them out!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob