Chatime & Tealive Introduce Milk Tea Soft Serve with Brown Sugar Pearls!

chatime & tealive introduce milk tea soft serve with brown sugar pearls!Main image via Chatime & Tealive

Will the brown sugar boba hype ever die down? With new brands entering the market every now and then, it’s really hard to keep up. To set themselves apart from the growing competition, bubble tea giants Chatime and Tealive are introducing what could perhaps be the next big thing amidst the boba craze: milk tea soft serve.

Tealive recently announced the launch of their Bubble SofTea, a milk tea soft serve with pearls and brown sugar syrup, which is now available in the Sri Petaling, The Curve and IOI City Mall outlets.

People are definitely excited for this new concoction, because who doesn’t love the best of both ice cream and boba?

Not to be outdone, Chatime teased their take on the soft serve and boba concoction on Facebook a day after Tealive’s announcement with the Neelofa x Chatime Signature. Details about its availability have yet to be announced.

So, is it a yay or nay? Will this be the next big thing since cold, fresh milk and warm boba?