Cha Eunwoo's Electrifying Fan Meeting: A Night to Remember for Malaysian AROHAs!

The SYOK team got invited by our friends at Viu Malaysia to the Viu Scream Dates: CHA EUNWOO 2024 Just One 10 Minutes [Mystery Elevator] fan meeting, which went down on the 24th of February at Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam!

Just One 10 Minutes is CHA EUN-WOO's signature concept with the objective of "showing you everything about CHA EUN-WOO to make you fall in love with him in 10 minutes.”


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We arrived at the venue around 3 pm because media registration started at 4 pm. We had some time to check out the concert venue, with booths by our friends at Astro - the official media for this event - as well as Skechers and Cornetto!

Besides these booths, there were also food trucks selling food - Korean snacks, pizza, shawarma, and wraps, and more. 

Once we got our passes after registering, we entered the venue at 5 pm to catch the soundcheck. Malaysian AROHAs were there super early, looking adorable in purple - the official colour of the Korean boy group Astro (or more specifically Vivid Plum and Space Violet) - with their light sticks!

Cha Eunwoo hit the stage at 5 pm and belted out two songs! He even interacted with his fans, asking them to teach him how to say 'I love you' in Malay, and asking if they've eaten, all in Malay, also asking them to eat up before the actual concert starting at 8 pm!

@syoksyoksyok Just #CHAEUNWOO feeding our delusions by calling us “Sayang” 🥹💜 See you tonight!! #ChaEunwooOnSYOK #ViuScreamDates #CHAEUNWOOWithViu #AROHA #JUSTONE10MINUTE #MysteryElevator #CHAEUNWOOInKL ♬ original sound - SYOK

After the soundcheck, we had a few hours to kill, so we walked around the stadium and hung out with some AROHAs. It started pouring heavily, but luckily Stadium Shah Alam had shelter from the rain, and it didn't dampen the fans' spirits. They were still super pumped to head into the venue and catch Cha Eunwoo!

Once we were inside, the show kicked off around 8 pm, and Cha Eunwoo emerged from under the stage, sending fans into a frenzy! He started his set with '10 Minutes' and continued with some of his newer tracks like '***king Great Time' and 'Stay.' 

He even did a cover of Backstreet Boys' 'As Long As You Love Me,' which had fans singing along!

@syoksyoksyok Feeding our delulu 2.0 now ajak kahwin pula 🥹💜 #AROHA, are you guys saying YES to #CHAEUNWOO?? 👀 #ChaEunwooOnSYOK #ViuScreamDates #CHAEUNWOOWithViu #JUSTONE10MINUTE #MysteryElevator #CHAEUNWOOInKL ♬ original sound - SYOK

Astro fans were also treated to a medley of their songs - 'Blow,' 'Knock,' and 'Candy Sugar Pop' - and he even performed a full Astro song, 'First Love.' The encore included 'You're The Best' and 'Love So Fine.'

Cha Eunwoo also had fun playing games with AROHAs and snapping pictures with them. And of course, being the charming guy he is, he flirted on stage, jokingly asking AROHAs out on dates and speaking a lot of Bahasa Malaysia while interacting with his fans, which totally stole our hearts!

Malaysian AROHAs also prepared a special video for him, which Eunwoo loved! He seemed really touched and expressed his gratitude, thanking all his fans who came to the show and promising to try to come back soon.

The show ended on a high note with so much love between Eunwoo and his fans. We're certain this is one concert that fans will never forget.

@syoksyoksyok What a night! 🌟 Thank you for creating these beautiful memories with us, #CHAEUNWOO. We hope to see you again in #Malaysia, and maybe with the other #ASTRO! 🇲🇾✨ @Viu Malaysia #ChaEunwooOnSYOK #CHAEUNWOO #AROHA #ViuScreamDates #CHAEUNWOOWithViu #JUSTONE10MINUTE #MysteryElevator #CHAEUNWOOInKL ♬ original sound - SYOK

Thank you, Cha Eunwoo, for coming to KL, and we hope to see you again at your next fan meeting or maybe even a solo concert? Or perhaps a concert with Astro!