Celebrating Diversity with Art Includes 2019

celebrating diversity with art includes 2019

There are some things we take for granted everyday without even realizing it, and our five senses is one of those things. Now imagine losing one of those senses. Life would be very different and definitely a lot more challenging.
Art Includes 2019 celebrates specially-abled individuals and their creations. This is Malaysia’s first arts and disabilities festival, which will be taking place between September 23-29 at RUANG By Think City, Kuala Lumpur. The aim of this event is to raise funds to improve the Dialogue Includes Academy (DIA) via the various activities planned out for the festival. As of right now, the Academy is teaching eight visually impaired youths, two physically impaired children and one autistic adult, while also helping over 150 differently-abled students in their studies.
Themed “Celebrating Diversities” and held in line with the United Nation’s Global Day of Action, visitors to the festival can expect a variety of fun events that have been carefully curated with renowned specially-abled personalities from different backgrounds and limitations.

Among the personalities that will be featured are piano virtuoso Dr Azariah Tan, Vietnamese chef Christine Ha, artist Wan Jamila a.k. “artjamila”, and photographer Jamaliah. Each of these individuals have a disability but they have found a way to overcome that, and their achievements are an inspiration to all – those with and without disabilities. Radio veteran and actor Patrick Teoh will also be gracing the event with his presence.

celebrating diversity with art includes 2019
Highlights at the festival include a three-day conference where 10 local and foreign artistes and businessmen share and discuss the challenges they faced in their journey to getting where they are now. There will also be Concert in the Dark, a musical event which will be held in complete darkness. Additionally, visitors can look out for exhibitions, fairs and an open air fiesta on September 28 celebrating arts, dance and music.

By: Celestine Foo