Celebrate World Emoji Day With Snap’s Bitmoji!

Are you a serial emoji user? If you are, then you’re not alone! 

In fact, more than seven in 10 Snapchatters prefer using emojis to communicate without words. Since their creation, emojis have found a place in the daily language of people all over the globe.

celebrate world emoji day with snap’s bitmoji!

This World Emoji Day (July 17th), Snap wants to draw your attention to a very unique kind of emoji – Bitmojis!

Bitmoji is your personal emoji! Owned by Snap, parent company of Snapchat, the Bitmoji mobile app allows you to create an expressive cartoon avatar of yourself to share with your friends and family!

There’s a full host of options for you to customise your avatar - from hairstyles, wardrobe, accessories, and facial features and an ever-growing library of expressions, moods, and phrases.

Over time, Bitmoji has evolved beyond a standalone app and found its place on Snapchat, and other messaging platforms and beyond. To start you off, we’ve put together a quick list of four ways you can enjoy Bitmoji. Check them out below!  

#1 Bring your Bitmoji to life with Snapchat’s AR Lenses

celebrate world emoji day with snap’s bitmoji!

Transform your Bitmojis from flat images to animated 3D characters with Snapchat’s AR Lenses, like the Sparkler and Thumbs Up Lenses!

To try out Lenses like these, try searching for “Bitmoji” on Snapchat’s Lens Explore page.

#2 Style your Bitmoji with the latest outfits from popular fashion brands - virtually!

celebrate world emoji day with snap’s bitmoji!How about decking out your Bitmoji avatar with snazzy outfits? To bring you the latest styles, Bitmoji has partnered with various popular fashion brands like Levi’s, Vans, Air Jordans, and many more!

Pick your favorite denim fit from the Levi’s x Snapchat collaboration, and complete the look by throwing on a pair of Air Jordan XXXV shoes. For the athleisure aesthetic, look no further as Nike and Adidas have the hottest items in town.

#3 Cure your boredom with a catalogue of comic strips curated especially for you

celebrate world emoji day with snap’s bitmoji!

Bitmoji Stories are customised, lighthearted tales starring you and your friends. To check out short and hilarious Bitmoji Stories like the ones below, simply search for “Bitmoji Stories” on Snapchat!

#4 Express yourself with Bitmojis whenever and wherever you want

celebrate world emoji day with snap’s bitmoji!

Bitmoji is not confined to Snapchat or even on your phone! You can use Bitmojis across any platform by integrating the Bitmoji keyboard with your current iOS and Android keyboards. 

You can also add the Bitmoji toolbar to Gmail or as a Google Chrome Extension.

Wah, sounds fun! Happy World Emoji Day, guys! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat