Salam Lebaran! Celebrate Eid in Style with this Hari Raya Watchlist On Disney+ Hotstar!

As the festive season approaches, strut into the joyous spirit of Eid al-Fitr in your Raya best. The world of sparkle and elegance awaits as you plan your picture-perfect, colour-coordinated outfits for your photos.

From traditional classics to modern twists, get inspired by these icons from beloved fashion films and shows for a flawless 10/10 look this Eid season no matter whose style you look up to. 

#1 Vintage Maven - Imogene Scott, Death and Other Details

salam lebaran! celebrate eid in style with this hari raya watchlist

If you rock a practical hairstyle, wear vintage prints by the dozen, and love all things beads and sequins, Imogene Scott might just be your new best friend. Imogene finds herself trapped in a whodunit plot on a cruise - but that doesn't mean she can't still look like a million bucks, even when basking in the hot sun.

And hey, you could be inspired by this great, fashionable detective whilst you're out visiting one open house to another in Malaysia’s hot weather. Imbue Imogene’s style with retro prints, sparkly embellishments, and add some bold accessories to stand out.

#2 Silk Chic - Toda Mariko, Shōgun

salam lebaran! celebrate eid in style with this hari raya watchlist

If 16th-Century feudal Japan had its own fashion police, Toda Mariko would be their leader. Described as a mysterious highborn woman, Mariko is usually decked out in silk and satin kimonos adorned with delicate florals. 

If you find yourself admiring Mariko's kimonos, you may like dressing up in an abaya for Raya morning. It’s practical, comfortable, and effortlessly airy, ensuring that you become the best version of the Lady of Steel while preparing yourself for a day of family gatherings. 

#3 Soft Glamour - Janine Teagues, Abbott Elementary

salam lebaran! celebrate eid in style with this hari raya watchlist

We know what you're thinking (especially if you're Principal Ava Coleman)... Janine? Really? Yes, Janine! Miss Teagues is a hidden gem in Abbott Elementary, frequently spotted wearing sweaters, long flowy skirts, and famously, hoop earrings! Janine might be considered overwhelming at times, but as a primary school teacher who cares - a lot - we'd give Janine an A+ for styling herself for comfort and practicality. 

To celebrate Eid Janine-style, opt for cotton or linen fabric in a short baju kurung - cute, yet still on-trend and easy to move around in. Blending comfort and style, this outfit is perfect for active girls - and those who prefer to spend time with the kids at family gatherings!

#4 The Style Savant - Cruella de Vil, Cruella

salam lebaran! celebrate eid in style with this hari raya watchlist

If your eyes sparkle at Cruella’s name, we already know your colour of choice - black. You may also be someone who chooses shades that turn heads, like hot pink. Channel your inner Cruella by fearlessly embracing fashion as a form of self-expression and embodying her avant-garde aesthetic. To capture her fierce spirit, wear a bold baju kurung with black and white colour blocking. Add edgy details like faux fur or leather trimmings, and finish with statement accessories like bold sunglasses or a dramatic headpiece.

#5 Classic Elegance - Cinderella, Cinderella

salam lebaran! celebrate eid in style with this hari raya watchlist

Everybody knows Cinderella, and for good reason - she embodies timeless elegance. In the beloved tale, Cinderella's fairy godmother drapes her in delicate embroidery and shimmering crystals, symbolising fairytale glamour. To write your own Cinderella story this Raya, choose a palette of pastel hues like baby blue or pale pink, reminiscent of the princess’ iconic gown. 

Opt for chiffon with subtle shimmer like sequins or crystals. Wear a fitted bodice and flowing skirt, paired with dainty pearl earrings for Cinderella-style elegance, ideal for Eid.

What are you waiting for? The world is your runway. Embrace your inner fashion mogul and catch these iconic characters and more, now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.