Celebrate Friendship Day With Your Bestfriend On Snapchat!

It’s international friendship day today!

Did you know that 37% of Malaysian Gen Z and Millenials felt more connected to their friends when talking to them online? 

celebrate friendship day with your bestfriend on snapchat!Photo via Your Teen Magazine

So why not create new moments and memories on Snapchat - whether it’s with your roommate, old pals that you’ve drifted apart from, or even long-distance friends, take the time to reconnect or strengthen that friendship with some of Snapchat’s cool features.

We sometimes take friendships for granted, being able to reach out online can be just the right spark to help rekindle the joy that brought you and your friends together. 

1. Fickle about what to do next? How bout picking your next move with Let’s Do It!

Whether it’s cooking up plans for the next meetup or enjoying virtual activities together, we can all relate to the age-old dilemma of making decisions together.

celebrate friendship day with your bestfriend on snapchat!

Create your own lists with your friend or you can even pick from a pre-made list of activities by Snapchat, and have Let’s Do It pick your next move for you. To get started, just enter a Chat or Group Chat with your friends and tap on the Snapchat Games rocket icon and choose Let’s Do It!

2. Lepak with your friends while socially distancing, Cameo style!

Not really comfortable going out during this pandemic, but a little FOMO that you can’t celebrate this special day with your friends?

 celebrate friendship day with your bestfriend on snapchat!

How about meeting up with your friends anywhere you want (and with social distancing, of course!) with Cameos!

Pair with your friend for a wacky dance or you know, just chill on a giant sandwich because why not… Or you can even ride away on a motorcycle with your best friends by sending them a Cameo!

3. Share your unique friendship with Bitmoji!

You’ve probably heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. 

celebrate friendship day with your bestfriend on snapchat!

Sometimes, there’s no better way to say something than to show them through actions and facial expressions. But that is not always possible when you are meant to be social distancing.

But with Bitmoji you are able to create an expressive cartoon avatar, featuring YOU! (so your friends could get a personalised “emoji” from you.

4. Jump into Snap Games and share multiplayer moments with your friends

A little friendly competition doesn’t hurt!

See how well you and your friends know each other with Friend Quizzes, or bowl your way to victory on Super Snappy Bowling along with other fun games in a roster of Snap Games!

celebrate friendship day with your bestfriend on snapchat!

Staying safe doesn’t mean having less fun. There’s so much to do with your friends on Snapchat. 

Create that memorable moment you can look back at this Friendship Day!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat