BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star Documentary Premiering on Disney+ Hotstar – A Must-Watch for Everyone!

Get ready, because this December 20th marks the highly anticipated release of the BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star documentary on Disney+ Hotstar. 

While ARMYs around the world are counting down the days, we're here to tell non-ARMYs why this docuseries is a must-watch for everyone.

bts monuments: beyond the star documentary premiering on disney+ hotstar – a must-watch for everyone!Photo via Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia

Unveiling the Hard Work During Pre-Debut Days

BTS's journey didn't start with the glamour of the stage. This docu series takes you back to their pre-debut days, showcasing the sheer hard work, dedication, and passion they put into honing their skills. It's a testament to the blood, sweat, and tears that paved their way to success.

Perseverance Against the Odds

Against all odds and scepticism, BTS never gave up. They faced constant challenges and criticism, with people doubting their potential because they hailed from a small company. Yet, they defied expectations and kept working tirelessly, proving that determination knows no boundaries.

Trusting Each Other Through a Decade

Over the past 10 years, the seven members of BTS have built more than a band – they've built a family. This docu series delves into the bonds they share, the trust they've developed, and the unwavering support they provide each other. It's a beautiful portrayal of friendship and solidarity that has withstood the test of time.

Caring and Supporting Their Fans

BTS has a unique relationship with their fans. Beyond the music, they convey positive messages, offer encouragement, and create a supportive community. This docu series highlights their genuine care for their fans, showcasing a connection that goes beyond the typical K-pop group and their followers.

Humility Despite Achievements

Despite a decade of monumental success, BTS remains remarkably humble. The docuseries captures their humility, showing that even with all their achievements, they remain grounded and true to the down-to-earth boys they were in 2013, just after their debut.

So, even if you're not part of the dedicated ARMY fanbase, the new docuseries "BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star" on Disney+ Hotstar offers a unique and compelling insight into why BTS transcends the typical boyband narrative. Beyond their chart-topping music and global fame, the series delves into the untold stories of a group that exemplifies hard work, kindness, and the power of self-belief.

For those who may not be familiar with BTS, this docuseries offers a chance to witness a group that goes beyond the stage!

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Whether you're an ARMY or new to the BTS phenomenon, the BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star documentary promises to be an inspiring journey that transcends the boundaries of music and fandom. 

Mark your calendars for December 20th – it's a date with the stars!