8 Boutique Hotels In Malaysia That’ll Give You A Perfect Staycation

8 boutique hotels in malaysia that’ll give you a perfect staycation

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We’ve all heard of boutique hotels but we’re not surprised some don’t know what differentiates them from regular hotels. Well, if you thought that boutique hotels are typically small and cozy, you’re right.

A boutique hotel is a small hotel that has under 100 rooms. Most of the time, boutique hotels are labelled as luxury or upscale accommodation, especially because they come with unique design and service elements.

8 boutique hotels in malaysia that’ll give you a perfect staycation

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Over the years, we’ve stumbled upon a healthy number of boutique hotels across Malaysia. Let’s narrow down to some highly-recommended ones that’ll give you the best staycation.

#1 Terrapuri Heritage Village, Terengganu


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Get a taste of what it’s like to be a Terengganu royal at Terrapuri, which means The Land of Palaces, a conservation and restoration project of Terengganu’s traditional Malay houses. Located in a fishing village, the resort has 29 century-old villas that follow the architecture and layout of the palace in the 17th century.


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The wooden villas are equipped with rainfall showers, wooden bathtubs and mosquito nets, as well as amenities like private beach access, an open-air spa and massage pavilion, outdoor pool, and a reading room.

For more info: http://www.terrapuri.com

#2 Anggun Boutique Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


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This elegant hotel comes in a colonial house dated all the way back to the 1920s, holding the history and life before and after Merdeka. Stepping in, you’ll find an internal courtyard that remains as one of the elements of a traditional Malayan home.


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Its polished rooms, wooden floors and teak furnishings are paired with features of a modern hotel, including four-poster beds, minibars, suites with living areas and balconies, a stone ofuro, and more. Book a stay here and immerse yourself in a classic courtyard hotel in the heart of the city.


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For more info: http://anggunkl.com

#3 The Ranee Boutique Suites, Sarawak


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This exclusive all-suite hotel is refurbished from 19th-century shop houses strategically located in Kuching’s Old Town. What’s unique about The Ranee is that each of its 24 rooms is different, designed with its own individuality, charm and character, with freestanding baths and polished wood furniture.


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Overlooking the Sarawak River, this boutique hotel combines the old and the new, inspired by the rich colonial heritage and mysterious ethnic cultures of Sarawak.


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For more info: https://theranee.com

#4 M Boutique Hotel Ipoh, Perak


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Part of the M Boutique Hotel chain, the bold hotel infuses Malaysia’s colonial past with modern urban décor. Its interior replicates a lot of the pre-war shop houses found in the Straits Settlements with a twist. Situated in the quieter part of Ipoh, it’s only 3km away from the city center and has easy access to various local attractions.


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There are 93 chic and urban rooms in total, equipped with top facilities like a custom boutique, 24-hour self-service laundry, 24-hour gym, reading room, and more. A popular choice among travellers, the hotel is often referred to as whimsical, quirky and unique.


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For more info: https://ipoh.mboutiquehotels.com

#5 Liu Men, Melaka

Liu Men stands in the historical city of Melaka as a restored heritage project, retaining its colonial elements after the Japanese Occupation. Nevertheless, it can’t forego the influences of Peranakan designs, which makes this hotel even more special.


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This place embodies the cultural harmony between the East and West, with colours and shapes that complement each other and symbolise joy and luck. Its rooms are named after people we learn about in our history books, like Parameswara, Cheng Ho, Hang Tuah, Jebat, and Kapitan.


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For more info: https://www.liumenhotel.com

#6 Seven Terraces, Penang

Seven Terraces was once a row of Anglo-Chinese terrace houses built in the 19th century. As you walk in, the most distinctive feature you’ll see is the open courtyard and air wells in the center of the house.

The terrace houses have been modified into spacious suites, with the reception, swimming pool, lounge, and a restaurant on the ground floor.

Each room proportions give off a sense of wide living space to bring in more light and air, furnished with four-poster beds and rainfall showers. You can also upgrade your suite to add a terrace and soaking tub.

For more info: https://www.georgetownheritage.com/seven-terraces-hotel

#7 Ambong-Ambong Langkawi Rainforest Retreat, Kedah


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This rainforest retreat is an award-winning boutique hotel with only 11 suites, studios and cottages for an exclusive and private stay. It’s set within a tropical, lush rainforest while overlooking the Andaman Sea, just five minutes away from Pantai Tengah beach.


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The rooms here feature wooden furniture, balconies and seating areas, as well as four-poster beds, and terraces with wooden tubs and ocean views. For a completely relaxing vacation, spa treatments and yoga classes are available for you too.


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For more info: https://www.ambong-ambong.com

#8 Rosa Malacca, Melaka


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This hip boutique hotel is a restored redbrick building that combines the work of different designers and artists. They boast of professional yet laid-back service for guests because they believe that comfort and affordability doesn’t mean sacrificing style.


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Its rooms give off an industrial-chic vibe with concrete accents, equipped with flat-screen TVs, minibars, coffee and teamaking facilities. Upgraded rooms and family quarters will have sitting areas, perfect for families or a small group of friends.


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For more info: https://rosa.com.my

So, let’s continue our Cuti-Cuti Malaysia adventure with these amazing staycations!