Best Games To Play With Friends During CMCO

CMCO in the Klang Valley has officially begun. However, unlike the first lockdown, we are now home quarantine veterans and we have found ways to stay connected and have fun with friends.

This is a list of games we think you would enjoy with friends during this 2-week quarantine. 

Games you can play on your phones

Among Us 

best games to play with friends during cmco

Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game similar to Avalon and Werewolf.The game was released in 2018 but has recently achieved viral status. The game can be played among 4 to 10 friends and you can opt to either join a public game or to create your own room.  

The premise of the game is that you and your friends are stuck in a spaceship and you are assigned tasks to carry out. However, among you is one (or more) imposters who will go around killing crew members and sabotaging the spaceship. To win, you and the other crew members must identify the imposters before too many crew members have been killed or before the time runs out.

With 10 players the game gets really fun as you race against the clock to identify both imposters among you. 

Among Us is free to play on mobile devices. 

Web-based games 

Among Us is not the only social deduction game that you can play with your friends. With the multitude of teleconferencing platforms such as Zoom, Discord and Houseparty, is the perfect way to spend an evening with friends. 

best games to play with friends during cmco

However, if you are not a fan of social deduction games, you and your friends can explore your creative sides with 

best games to play with friends during cmco is a test of skill and speed. One player is given a word to draw and the other players have to guess what you are drawing as quickly as possible. Who knows? You may discover your hidden artistic talent or find out that you and you friends can’t draw any better than chicken scratch. 

PC games on Steam

Of course, that is not all. There are plenty of free to play games on popular gaming platform Steam. 

Dungeon Defenders 2 is a recent game that we tried to play with friends. It is a cooperative Action Tower Defense game that you can play with up to 4 friends.  

Dungeon Defenders 2

best games to play with friends during cmco

You and your friends are heroes set to defend the kingdom against the attacks of the Old One’s Army. You do this by setting various kinds of traps and blockades against the attackers. Each player gets to swap around 4 different characters at any time and each character has different attack styles which makes this a fun game to mix and match with friends. 

Last but certainly not least, we also tried out Brawlhalla.


best games to play with friends during cmco

Brawlhalla is a 2D action fighting game that you can also play with up to 8 friends. There are several modes that you can try out. The games are fast-paced and action-packed. Each round lasts only several minutes but the hours pass by really quickly. 

We know that many people may feel down and bored during home quarantine but we hope that these games may bring a smile to you and your friends' faces. 

Stay safe, stay at home everyone. 

By: Catalina Hubbard