Unleashing the Potential: Malaysians Empowered through 'INNOVATHON'

Astro, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI), has launched 'INNOVATHON,' a reality competition show aimed at showcasing the skills and innovative ideas of Malaysians in the fields of economy, technology, and innovation.

The partnership with the government ministries highlights the importance of fostering entrepreneurship and technological advancement in the country.

unleashing the potential: malaysians empowered through 'innovathon'

The response to 'INNOVATHON' has been remarkable, with a total of 1,033 entries received from participants across Malaysia. What makes this competition even more impressive is the diverse range of participants, spanning a wide age range from as young as seven years old to the oldest contestant at 73 years old. This demonstrates that innovation knows no boundaries and can come from anyone, regardless of age or background.

Out of the 1,033 entries, 56 ideas have been selected to compete in 'INNOVATHON.' These participants, from diverse backgrounds and expertise, will embark on a journey of innovation and entrepreneurship, striving to win the hearts of both the esteemed jury panel and the Malaysian audience. The show consists of 8 episodes, each capturing the contestants' challenges, triumphs, and personal growth as they develop their ideas and compete for recognition and support.

The collaboration with the government ministries brings significant credibility to the show. Two Malaysian Cabinet Ministers, YB Rafizi Ramli (Minister of Economy) and YB Chang Lih Kang (Minister of MOSTI), serve as jury members, contributing their expertise and insights to evaluate the ideas presented. Additionally, Nur Fazura, a renowned entrepreneur and popular actress, joins the panel as a judge, providing valuable perspectives from the business and entertainment industries.

To guide and mentor the participants, 'INNOVATHON' has enlisted the expertise of Datuk Aznil Hj. Nawawi, a well-known lawyer. His role as a mentor is crucial in assisting the contestants in unlocking their full potential and navigating the challenges of the competition. The show is hosted by popular personalities Awal Ashaari and Datin Lisa Surihani, who bring their charisma and expertise to engage viewers and ensure a captivating viewing experience.

unleashing the potential: malaysians empowered through 'innovathon'

unleashing the potential: malaysians empowered through 'innovathon'

The format of 'INNOVATHON' involves a series of stages for the contestants to showcase their ideas and compete for recognition and support. Each episode features eight contestants, among whom one or two with the most promising ideas are selected to advance to the Final Stage. The ultimate goal for the contestants is to secure investments worth up to RM1,000,000 to further develop their ideas and turn them into successful ventures.

The three stages of the competition are as follows:

  1. Background Introduction: This stage takes place during the audition sessions and mentorship sessions. The ideas presented by the participants are evaluated based on their potential for development and feasibility for implementation.

  2. Guidance: Contestants receive valuable advice and mentorship from successful personalities in various industries. Entrepreneurs, investors, business icons, celebrities, and national personalities, such as Dr. Sharmila Mohamed Salleh, Prof. Associate Dr. Wan Wardatul Amani Wan Salim, and Ammar Zolkifli, provide guidance to the participants, sharing their expertise and experiences to help them refine their ideas and strategies.

  3. The 100 Pitch: In this stage, the contestants present their ideas to 100 pre-selected potential consumers, who come from diverse demographics. The votes from these potential consumers contribute to 70% of the overall evaluation. Additionally, a panel of three to five judges, selected from a pool of mentors and experts, evaluate the ideas and provide feedback, which accounts for 30% of the overall score.

The Final Stage is the culmination of the competition, where participants present their ideas to a panel of five judges comprising entrepreneurs, business icons, and potential investors. The judges evaluate the proposals based on factors such as viability, technical details, and market potential. The winner of 'INNOVATHON' will receive a substantial cash prize of RM1,000,000. The second and third place winners will receive RM80,000 and RM50,000, respectively, while the fourth and fifth place winners will receive RM10,000 and RM5,000. Furthermore, all five winners will receive business development support tailored to the suitability and scale of their business, with a total value of up to RM1,000,000.

unleashing the potential: malaysians empowered through 'innovathon'

'INNOVATHON' will be aired every Saturday, starting from July 15, 2023, at 9.00 pm exclusively on Astro Ria (Channel 104). Two weeks after the premiere, the show will also be available on other vernacular channels, including Astro SHOWCASE, Astro Vinmeen, and Astro AEC.

In addition to traditional television broadcasts, viewers can stream 'INNOVATHON' via On Demand on the Astro Box and the Astro GO app, providing flexibility and convenience for those who prefer to watch it online.

To experience the new Astro and enjoy uninterrupted streaming of 'INNOVATHON,' viewers can subscribe to the Primary Pack by sending a WhatsApp message with the text "Get Astro" to 03-9543 3838. The Astro Ultra Box offers a seamless streaming experience, allowing viewers to enjoy the show regardless of weather conditions.