After 28 Years, Galeri Petronas Shuts Down Due To COVID-19

This is so sad! We still remember our school trips to Galeri Petronas during primary school!

Galeri Petronas was first opened to the public in 1992, that was 28 years ago! (Even older than some of us reading this article right now!)

after 28 years, galeri petronas shuts down due to covid-19Photo via Petronas

In a press statement, Petronas said that despite the closure of the gallery, artworks from Petronas Art Collection remain available for loan to relevant programmes and initiatives, as reported by Malay Mail.

The statement reads: This is in line with Petronas’ long-standing commitment to promote greater understanding and appreciation of the arts in Malaysia.

“It was known for its countless significant exhibitions, publications and programmes in support of its mission to promote and preserve the Malaysian contemporary arts over the years. The public gallery also played a role in promoting and giving exposure to local talents and their works, and hosted many foreign exhibitions to encourage exchanges between local and foreign artists for their mutual benefits,” it continued.

However, new roles have been assigned for its permanent employees who were affected by the gallery’s closure, as reported by BERNAMA.

The statement also said: “Galeri Petronas was also privileged to have collaborated with individuals and institutions that shared the same aspirations and conviction in the role art plays in shaping opinions, instilling values and influencing behaviours of society.”

The news is absolutely shocking, but at least we have great memories of visiting the gallery when we were younger. Do you have any fun memories of visiting Galeri Petronas?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat